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Demodex may prolong, intensify rosacea

Primary Care Optometry News, November 2015
Demodex mites and rosacea have an unusual pathogen–disease relationship, one that is still being explored. According to Edward J. Wladis, MD
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ODs recognize potential of corneal collagen cross-linking

Primary Care Optometry News, October 2015
Eye care providers are expressing optimism at the eventual FDA approval of devices for performing corneal collagen cross-linking, but some are still…
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Optometry critical of nontraditional eye exams

Primary Care Optometry News, September 2015
With the recent launch of alternative methods for patients to obtain prescriptions for contact lenses and glasses, optometrists are expressing doubt…
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Clinicians agree quality of life is a vital part of comprehensive glaucoma care

Primary Care Optometry News, August 2015
Most eye care providers agree that the goal of glaucoma care is to sustain a patient’s quality of life by preserving vision, and some also…
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Market for daily disposable contact lenses increases

Primary Care Optometry News, July 2015
Optometrists are reporting that daily disposable contact lenses are becoming more and more mainstream, largely due to positive patient feedback. At…
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Eye proves to be a key component of effective concussion diagnosis, treatment

Primary Care Optometry News, June 2015
The eye and the visual system have become a focus in methods to assess, diagnose, treat and manage concussions, and continued research has…
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Intense pulsed light effective for dry eye, MGD, studies show

Primary Care Optometry News, May 2015
Researchers and experienced eye care providers are supporting the use of intense pulsed light to treat patients with meibomian gland dysfunction and…
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Eye care providers prefer branded to generic glaucoma drugs

Primary Care Optometry News, April 2015
Representing nearly 80% of prescriptions filled in the U.S., generic medications play a large role in the lives of health care providers and patients…
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LASIK patients report high satisfaction rate in FDA outcomes study

Primary Care Optometry News, February 2015
After nearly 2 decades of clinical application in the U.S., LASIK has achieved high success and satisfaction rates, according to studies performed by…
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Increasing prevalence of myopia underscores need for control

Primary Care Optometry News, January 2015
The incidence of myopia has increased significantly over the past several decades, according to several researchers and presenters who discussed the…