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Update to Maryland law expands optometric scope of practice

Optometry groups say proposed changes to Contact Lens Rule fall short

Artificial intelligence in visual field testing may help save vision

Experts agree a systematic diagnosis leads to effective dry eye management

Global group consolidates myopia research efforts

44 states sue 20 drug companies, allege drug price inflation of more than 1,000%

In the Journals

More IOP fluctuations found in medically than surgically treated eyes

Nocturnal hypotension associated with visual field damage in normal tension glaucoma

Trial supports SLT as first-line treatment for glaucoma, ocular hypertension

Lack of knowledge regarding risk of water exposure to contact lenses exists

Meeting News

Novel trifocal IOL yields positive intermediate, near visual acuity results

Most weight loss strategies associated with increased risk of glaucoma

Magnetic neurostimulation improves corneal staining, quality of life in dry eye patients

Reflex tears may provide biomarker for Parkinson’s disease

How to approach CyPass cases after recall

Roche-Genentech sees future for AI in retinal disease prevention

Early study results favorable for new Juvene accommodating IOL

Dry eye patients with Demodex have decreased nerve density

Study confirms tolerability of spectacle lenses for myopia control

Be prepared to address glaucoma patients’ questions about marijuana

Travoprost implant a ‘promising’ IOP reduction tool

Researchers: Worse vision associated with worse cognition

Preoperative anxiety portends pain during cataract surgery

What's Your Diagnosis?

Case: Streaks radiate from optic nerve head

Joyce Rached, OD; John C. Sellechio, OD