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GLA supplementation improved patient’s MGD signs, symptoms

William D. Townsend, OD

Macula, optic nerve defects common in congenital Zika syndrome

NEI focuses on time outdoors to prevent, slow myopia

National Consumers League weighs in on contact lens act

Optical markets continue slow growth

OCT screening in internal medicine increases disease detection

Jerome Sherman, OD, FAAO

California law expands OD scope of practice

Warby Parker partners with UnitedHealthcare

From The Editor

Genetic testing for AMD: Not an ‘all-or-nothing’ proposition

Michael D. DePaolis, OD, FAAO

In the Journals

Free, community-based glaucoma detection, treatment has high compliance

OCT-A study shows faster loss of vessel density in POAG

Progressive peripheral anterior synechiae may warrant earlier cataract extraction

OAG exhibits significantly higher rate of stroke development

Meeting News

Presenter: Screen color vision of every glaucoma patient

Sightbox aims to make eye exams more convenient

Presenter: ‘Room for growth’ for optometry in glaucoma care

Presenter: Always image both eyes with OCT

Presenter: Reduce the dry eye burden in glaucoma therapy

Retinal findings facilitate research in neurodegenerative disease

Surgeon: MIGS fills gap between medications, invasive procedures

Treating ocular surface may not be enough in dry eye

VIDEO: Management group partners with private practices

Wavefront refractions more effective in Down syndrome

VIDEO: Determine meibomian gland function for better patient care

VIDEO: Consider neuropathic pain in stubborn dry eye

Cognitive distraction affects peripheral detection more in older subjects

MIGS comanagement ‘next horizon’ for optometry

Dual focus contact reduces myopia progression

Dexamethasone/povidone-iodine effective against adenoviral conjunctivitis

Blue-blocking, neutral density filters equally effective for dry eye

AOA president: ODs should increase role in glaucoma care

Athletes with concussion history have more visual symptoms

PCON Reports

Genetic testing for AMD first step toward personalized medicine in eye care

What's Your Diagnosis?

Glare, reduced contrast in patient with chorioretinal atrophy

Bonnie-Kim Hang, OD