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Nicox receives FDA approval of Zerviate for ocular itching

MIGS is changing the glaucoma comanagement continuum

J. James Thimons, OD

Study shows successful vision correction with GP lenses

Vision groups urge inclusion of preventive services in AHCA

Complement questionnaires with targeted dry eye testing

Scott Schachter, OD

Boots Opticians fined for claims about blue light hazards, protection

Incidence of corneal infiltrative events low in young children

Contact lens slows myopia progression in 3-year study

Teva launches generic olopatadine solution

UAB researcher to study circadian fluctuation, glaucoma

Survey shows dry eye symptoms hamper office work

From The Editor

Time is of the essence when diagnosing, treating herpes

Michael D. DePaolis, OD, FAAO

In the Journals

African-Americans with glaucoma voice need for education

Systemic β-blockers have little effect on IOP reduction

Phaco alone lowers IOP, reduces need for drops

Angle surgery effective long-term in children with glaucoma

Meeting News

Outgoing AOA president: Advocate for the doctor-patient relationship

ARMOR study: Antibiotic resistance high among staphylococci

Stronger association between dry eye, allergy may exist

OCT-A may detect nonexudative CNV in dry AMD

Quinn elected president, trustees sworn in at Optometry’s Meeting

Red light technology improves tear break-up in dry eye

Sildenafil shown to expand choroidal vessels in patients with AMD

Query patients on makeup application, removal habits

UWF-FA identifies retinopathy earlier than UWF photography alone

Cylindrical dandruff in Demodex causes MGD, researchers theorize

VIDEO: SLT viable first-line glaucoma treatment

VIDEO: Use medical record as defense in audit

Evaluate hemorrhages, microaneurysm with UWFI to determine DR progression risk

Virtual, augmented reality have role in training, treatment

New therapies target dry eye, conjunctivitis, redness, presbyopia

Lifitegrast improved dry eye signs, symptoms in five trials

PCON Reports

Clinicians urge prevention and early, aggressive treatment for herpes

What's Your Diagnosis?

Patient presents with swollen lid, unusual retinal findings

Aaron Bronner, OD