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Micro insert technology potential option for emmetropic presbyopes

Jessica Heckman, OD

Maryland governor signs bill to protect kids from digital screens

PCON wins health care publishing award

Patient evaluation, education, lead to refractive cataract surgery success

Sondra Black, OD

Optos launches Monaco, UWF retinal imaging device with OCT

Hong Kong Polytechnic develops spectacle lens to slow, halt myopia

Surgeon proposes keratoconus is caused by eye rubbing

Sidebar: VisAbility undergoes phase 3 studies

From The Editor

First establish if headaches are primary or secondary variants

Michael D. DePaolis, OD, FAAO

In the Journals

Corneal biomechanics explain variability in results with different tonometers

Glaucoma logbook helps improve patients’ knowledge of disease

Stereoacuity lower in patients with glaucoma

Meeting News

MGD responds similarly to doxycycline, azithromycin

Quarterly anti-VEGF dosing for AMD improves vision in some patients

Researchers: All diabetes patients should be evaluated for dry eye

Time of day influences ocular response to defocus

Topical treatment for DME tolerated in first-in-human trial

Study finds NovaTears increases tear film, lipid layer thickness

Results with voice-active refractor show no statistical difference to phoropter

Rho kinase inhibitor added to glaucoma treatment options

Deep learning algorithm, fundus photos diagnose glaucoma

Confocal microscopy measures lifestyle effects on cornea

Assessment tool accurately identifies patients at risk for dry eye

At-home OCT monitoring of retinal disease a possibility

Lid laxity may help diagnose dry eye

PCON Reports

Sidebar: How to evaluate the paranasal air sinuses

Compile a complete case history for patients with headache

What's Your Diagnosis?

Dry eye exam reveals corneal deposits

Carol Yu, OD; Chandra Mickles, OD, MSc, FAAO, FSLS