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NIH specialist: Multifactorial nature of dry eye is most challenging

Amniotic cytokine extract drops may be efficient therapy for dry eye


Expanding surgical options increase importance of perioperative care

Michael D. DePaolis, OD, FAAO

In the Journals

Anticholinergic drug use may be associated with late AMD

Study links elevated IOP with systemic disease, obesity, hypertension

Some patients unaware of having glaucoma despite long-term treatment

Combined phaco, ECP shows modest but significant results

Significant racial disparity seen in low vision device use by Medicare beneficiaries

Correlation found between retinal changes, Alzheimer’s disease

Macular damage associated with worse vision-related quality of life in early glaucoma

Preperimetric glaucoma not associated with loss in quality of life

Letters to the Editor

AI apps will not replace professional consults

Meeting News

VIDEO: Use of oral agents increases ODs’ role in complex disease

VIDEO: Dark adaptation detects functional retinal changes before anatomical

VIDEO: RightEye’s EyeQ Trainer in beta testing

Rev360 adds product ordering capability to electronic health records

VIDEO: OCT-A detects vessel changes earlier

Neurolens introduces test, spectacles to relieve headaches, eye strain

VIDEO: Home monitoring helps prevent vision loss in AMD

Cube expands Vmax refraction station capabilities

Contact lens manufacturers work to take vision to the next level

Compulink incorporates AI into practice management solution

Clinicians say personal experience is most important to patients

VIDEO: OD discusses latest surgical options for presbyopia correction

VIDEO: Intense pulsed light helps treat dry eye

PCON Reports

MIGS, premium IOLs, VMT propel optometric care to the next level

Social Media and the OD

Professional meetings offer education, networking, fellowship

Agustin L. Gonzalez, OD, FAAO, ABCMO

Tax Tips for the OD

Take advantage of tax write-offs for conference attendance

Mark E. Battersby

What's Your Diagnosis?

Contact lens exam reveals white corneal deposits

Anisha K. Patel, OD; Chandra Mickles, OD, MSc, FAAO, FSLS; Joseph Sowka, OD, FAAO, Dipl