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Should optometry recognize specialties?

Agustin L. Gonzalez, OD, FAAO, ABCMO

CyPass migration uncommon, says glaucoma surgeon

Eliminate astigmatism for happier cataract patients

Eric E. Schmidt, OD

From The Editor

New technologies bring better ways to treat glaucoma

Michael D. DePaolis, OD, FAAO

In the Journals

Treating OSD may help reduce IOP in advanced glaucoma

Antioxidants improve visual function in nonadvanced AMD

Study suggests AMD as a biomarker of frailty, aging

Reading performance worse in all stages of glaucoma, study finds

Meeting News

Expert panelists: AI, telemedicine already part of practice

Tech start-up showcases smart glasses

Speaker: Create a new protocol for myopia control

Screen for dry eye in every exam

Practice owner shares 4 tips for ‘profit first accounting’

New drugs, delivery methods in the pipeline for ocular surface, retina, glaucoma

Angiogenesis expert: ODs play vital role in diabetic retinopathy management

Machine-to-machine learning may lead to improved grading of disc photos

Kahook Dual Blade reduces IOP with and without phaco

IOP decrease maintained with Xen45

Incidence of newly diagnosed glaucoma after phaco greater in eyes with pseudoexfoliation

Hydrus reduces medication burden in COMPARE trial

Glaucoma expert endorses ‘interventional glaucoma’ treatment

Dysphotopsias after LPI tend to resolve

VIDEO: Alcon launches new dry eye, MGD treatment system

VIDEO: Neurolens device, lenses help patients with headache, eye strain

PCON Reports

Experts say future of glaucoma treatment may lie in sustained release

What's Your Diagnosis?

Annual exam reveals hyphema secondary to iris neovascularization

Chris Borgman, OD

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