Scott A. Edmonds, OD, FAAO, focuses his blog on the role of the optometrist in health care reform – moving from primary eye care to primary health care. He is the chief medical officer of MARCH Vision Care, the co-director of the Low Vision/Contact Lens Service at Wills Eye Institute in Philadelphia and a member of the Primary Care Optometry News Editorial Board. 

Disclosure: Edmonds is a consultant for March Vision and OcuHub.

BLOG: What about children’s vision care?

March 14, 2017

With the train on the fast track to “repeal and replace” the Affordable Care Act, what will happen to the children’s vision care program? This question…

BLOG: Securing your alliances

February 28, 2017

There has been much chatter over the years on related topics in the ophthalmic industry such as: vertical integration, market consolidation and strategic alliances. For…

BLOG: The optical management of ocular disorders

February 13, 2017

In my early years in practice, I worked with a multispecialty ophthalmology practice in a hospital setting. We had plenty of ophthalmologists, residents, fellows and…

BLOG: The government and you

January 30, 2017

A number of my colleagues have asked me why we should be interested in the health care reform debate. Some optometrists have diligently followed the trend to institute…

BLOG: Health care law – the next generation

January 10, 2017

This month will mark the beginning of a new era in American health care. The new Republican president has pledged to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act as soon…

BLOG: Beyond the phoropter – Reprise

December 20, 2016

In my original blog on this theme, I discussed the expanded role of optometry in the management of patients with diabetes. For any optometrist who is practicing in the…

BLOG: A time to reflect

November 30, 2016

This month marks a turning point in American history. No matter what political position you may have held prior to the election, you will need to reevaluate your…

BLOG: Is there something rotten in the state of Denmark?

November 7, 2016

As an early adapter to the world of electronic medical records, my practice is well versed in using the CPT II codes for performance measurement. These codes are part…

BLOG: Optometry beyond the phoropter

October 25, 2016

As fall slowly creeps into the Northeast, changes are in the wind. The air is cooler with the strong scent of leaves, pine and wood smoke. The days are shorter, but the…

BLOG: Who is driving the boat?

October 3, 2016

As an avid boater, this is a sad time of the year at the Jersey shore. Boats must be pulled out of the water and winterized for storage. It was a great summer; however…