Vision Expo West

Healio brings you the highlights from Vision Expo West. Refer back to this page often for the latest news from VEW, perspectives and interviews with leading researchers and clinicians, and to review archives of past meetings.
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Use aberrometry when patients cannot see 20/20

September 18, 2019
LAS VEGAS – The use of aberrometry can provide peace of mind when patients do not see 20/20, according to a speaker here at
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VIDEO: ODs can help manage glaucoma surgical patients in the short term

September 18, 2019
LAS VEGAS – Justin Schweitzer, OD, said here at Vision Expo West that the increase in the number of glaucoma patients necessitates…
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Cube expands Vmax refraction station capabilities

October 12, 2018
LAS VEGAS – Vmax Vision Inc. launched the Cube, a technology intended for use in conjunction with the company’s VASR refraction system…
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VIDEO: Clinician tests dark adaptation in all older patients

October 11, 2018
LAS VEGAS – Jeff Gerson, OD, said here at Vision Expo West that he tests the dark adaptation of every patient in his practice older than 60…
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VIDEO: Alcon hosts color contact lens summit for technicians

October 10, 2018
LAS VEGAS – Edian Little, Alcon’s director of marketing for Air Optix and lens care, explains that the company hosted a technician and…
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VIDEO: Alcon teaches science behind color contacts

October 9, 2018
LAS VEGAS – “We recognize how important technicians are to our business and to their business,” Stacie Sherman said here at Vision…
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VIDEO: Home monitoring helps prevent vision loss in AMD

October 8, 2018
LAS VEGAS – Damon Dierker, OD, explained here at Vision Expo West how he prescribes the ForeseeHome device (Notal Vision) for patients with…
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VIDEO: Technician plans to educate colleagues on color contacts

October 5, 2018
LAS VEGAS – Valerie Kenwell, manager/lead optician at Doctor Eyecare, Dallas, said she came to the Alcon beauty summit here at Vision Expo…
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VIDEO: RightEye’s EyeQ Trainer in beta testing

October 3, 2018
LAS VEGAS – RightEye President Barbara Barclay said here at Vision Expo West that users are currently beta testing the second
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VIDEO: Home monitoring detects conversion from dry to wet AMD sooner

October 2, 2018
LAS VEGAS – Earlier detection of wet AMD leads to better treatment and better outcomes, Steve Ferrucci, OD, said here at Vision Expo West…