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Healio brings you the highlights from Vision Expo East. Refer back to this page often for the latest news from VEE, perspectives and interviews with leading researchers and clinicians, and to review archives of past meetings.
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VIDEO: Wellness exam provides personalized baseline

April 5, 2019
NEW YORK – Performing a wellness exam provides baseline information “that helps us make clinical decisions based on a patient’s…
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VIDEO: Spectacle lens relieves computer vision symptoms

April 4, 2019
NEW YORK – The Neurolens Office design combined with the contoured prism gives clinicians “the ability to solve many issues and symptoms…
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VIDEO: Anterior segment OCT useful in contact lenses, dry eye

April 1, 2019
NEW YORK – Anterior segment OCT is “an area that’s truly expanded over the last several year,” and a “totally new…
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VIDEO: Neurolens device, lenses help patients with headache, eye strain

March 28, 2019
NEW YORK – Patients with trigeminal dysphoria, a condition that prevents the two eyes from working together and results in headache, eye strain…
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VIDEO: ODs must learn to comanage glaucoma procedures

March 27, 2019
NEW YORK – Justin Schweitzer, OD, discussed the importance of collaborative care in glaucoma here at Vision Expo East. Different types of…
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VIDEO: OCTA provides new information for glaucoma, retina care

March 27, 2019
NEW YORK – OCT angiography provides clinical information that was not previously accessible, Julie Rodman, OD, FAAO, said here at Vision Expo…
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VIDEO: New visual field test assesses peripheral, macular points

March 26, 2019
NEW YORK – The new 24-2C visual field protocol, now available on the Humphrey Field Analyzer 3 (Carl Zeiss Meditec), allows clinicians to…
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VIDEO: Future potential for cross-linking

March 26, 2019
NEW YORK – Now that Avedro’s corneal cross-linking system is FDA-approved, the procedure provides potential for expanded uses, said…
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VIDEO: Primary care ODs embrace functional vision testing

March 25, 2019
NEW YORK – RightEye’s Functional Vision EyeQ test offers optometrists the opportunity to objectively test the way the eye moves, whether…
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VIDEO: Remember to ask cataract surgery patients about Flomax use

March 23, 2019
NEW YORK – Clark Chang, OD, MSA, MSc, FAAO, gave a talk on cataract surgery problem-solving here at Vision Expo East and said communication is…

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