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BLOG: Chrome's fun little hidden game

Daily life can be frustrating. Everybody, at least once, has had problems with their Internet connection. You’re in front of your computer, in a hurry to check your email account or PubMed research, and the Internet connection does not work.

Frustration and anger usually interfere with straight thinking, but surely you have noticed a little old-style animal made of gray pixels and might have wondered what is the meaning of that small dinosaur in the upper right of the screen of one of the most used browsers in the world: Google Chrome.

That is fun! Big G engineers wanted to find a way to help users stay calm and relaxed while the Internet connection is restored. So, Dino was born!


Next time you find yourself in front of the usual “unable to connect to the Internet” blank page, try pressing the space bar and enjoy Dino come to life. The Google Chrome hidden dinosaur game is a fun way to kill some time and lower your blood pressure while the Internet is acting up. In addition, a new obstacle to the desolate desert landscape has been added: pterodactyls.