Luigi Di Rosa, MD, a YO member of the OSN Europe Edition Board, focuses his blog on gadgets, bizarre inventions, apps, hardware and software that may be the brilliant solution to an awkward problem, the simple answer to a long-standing question, the trick that makes all the difference. Useful to the young specialist as well as the trainee and the consultant.

BLOG: 3-D printed retinoscope

Medical equipment has always been very expensive. Even bolts, nuts or those small lamps inside your beloved slit lamps cost a hundred times more than the ones you can buy in any hardware store.

But a few years ago, a silent revolution started to take place in the manufacturing world: 3-D printing.

A daily growing crowd of people, so-called makers (some of them even board-certified eye doctors), tried to subvert the rule. One of them did it.

Dr. Hong Sheng Chiong, a young ophthalmologist born and raised in Borneo, medically trained in Ireland and now practicing in New Zealand, realized a fully functional, digitalized retinoscope using a 3-D printer, a 20 D lens and a smartphone for just a few bucks. I tried it, and it is so very simple.

Chiong had an idea in mind: “Ending preventable blindness is my fight, what’s yours?”

He established in 2014 “oDocs Eye Care” (, an innovative company in the field of portable eye care, trying to reinvent eye equipment.

Chiong realized a 3-D model can be freely downloaded, printed and used all over the world with any consumer 3-D printer. It takes a few hours to print the object and a few minutes to assemble it. So now you can easily take sharp and brilliant retinal images in your private practice, a patient’s home or a remote African village.

Source: Luigi Di Rosa

Source: Luigi Di Rosa