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BLOG: One simple formula on change

Back in my college days at Michigan — Go Blue! — I had the fortune to be a Dannemiller intern, part of a small group of students who were mentored by Kathie Dannemiller, a dynamic consultant who is regarded as the “godmother of organizational development.”

Her influence on my life and career was huge. In her work (and subsequently in mine over the years), a simple model to describe why change occurs (or fails) has proven highly valuable in helping managers (as well as doctors) bring more discipline to their change efforts.

It can be boiled down to an “equation” with four letters — D, V, F and R — and looks something like this: D × V × F > R.

In this quick 2.5 minute video on our website’s homepage, you can learn and remember this equation the next time you’re trying to change, be it personally, professionally or organizationally.

AAO’s less than a week away. Hope to see you there!

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