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VIVID, VISTA trials: Aflibercept superior to laser treatment for DME

Treatment for presumed ocular histoplasmosis (HANDLE)

Longer duration of breastfeeding linked to reduced risk of AMD

In the Journals

Aflibercept reduces subfoveal fluid in eyes with persistent exudative AMD

AREDS shows markedly reduced AMD progression, moderate vision loss at 10 years

CABERNET trial: Epimacular brachytherapy inferior to ranibizumab monotherapy

CNV recurs up to 6 years after PDT, anti-VEGF injections

Epiretinal membrane surgery successful in eyes with or without high myopia

Fluid-gas exchange an effective alternative for open macular holes after vitrectomy

Interval of injury, vitrectomy a risk factor for proliferative vitreoretinopathy

Study links genetic variants to poor outcomes after anti-VEGF treatment for AMD

Standard full-thickness macular hole closure achieved in eyes with choroideremia

Oral retinoid significantly improves function in eyes with retinitis pigmentosa

Meeting News Coverage

Study: VMA resolved in more patients who received ocriplasmin than sham treatment

Study: Laser treatment of ROP has high unfavorable outcome rate

Study: Visual acuity improves in patients with DME on long-term dexamethasone treatment

Speakers disagree on need for genetic testing in AMD

RIDE, RISE extension study shows stable visual outcomes

MAHALO results suggest positive treatment effect of lampalizumab in geographic atrophy

Visual acuity gains greater with intravitreal aflibercept than laser for macular edema due to BRVO

LUCAS trial: Bevacizumab, ranibizumab comparable in treat-and-extend protocol

Interim INTREPID trial safety results trend toward minimal radiation-induced changes

Early CNV detection with home monitoring yields better visual acuity outcomes

Comparative trials of anti-VEGFs show no statistically significant differences, speaker says

Post-market analysis of ocriplasmin consistent with pre-market data