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Small-aperture IOL moves solution for presbyopia a step closer

FDA approves Oxervate, the first drug to treat neurotrophic keratitis

FDA approves Hydrus microstent

FDA approves Inveltys for treatment of inflammation, pain after ocular surgery

Amniotic cytokine extract drops may be efficient therapy for dry eye

Alcon calls for surgeons to stop implanting CyPass micro-stent

DMEK borrows tricks from retina surgery for better results

Jack S. Parker, MD, PhD; Kristen Peterson, MD; John Parker, MD

At Issue: Ensuring LASIK success and minimizing complications

Back to Basics

Two techniques effective for YAG laser capsulotomy

Uday Devgan, MD


Should a practice partner with a private equity firm?

Mark Kontos, MD; James C. Loden, MD

Cover Story

Alternative technologies to femto widen scope and accessibility of advanced cataract surgery

Grand Rounds at the New England Eye Center

Newborn presents with acute conjunctival injection

Deborah Witkin, MD; Mitchell B. Strominger, MD

In the Journals

Trifocal IOL in highly myopic eyes achieves satisfactory outcomes

Femtosecond arcuate keratotomy advantageous in astigmatic correction

BCVA improves in second decade despite muscle surgery in children with albinism

Lindstrom's Perspective

Inexpensive adjuncts can enhance cataract surgery outcomes

Richard L. Lindstrom, MD

Meeting News

VIDEO: Large integrated health systems affect ophthalmology practices

No cases of bilateral endophthalmitis reported after same-day injections

VIDEO: How to overcome feeling like an imposter

Research explores work, wealth and worth for women in ophthalmology

Note to women in ophthalmology: ‘It is your time’

AMA president advocates for more equitable future in medicine

VIDEO: Physicians focus on money matters and megatrends


Should ecological optimization and carbon reduction strategies be listed among priorities when surgical pathways are designed?

The Dry Eye

Third annual anti-inflammatory report: What is and what shall be

Darrell E. White, MD