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Cataract surgery technique addresses challenges of Stevens-Johnson syndrome

Back to Basics

Equalize pressure gradient to maintain control during removal of intumescent cataract

Uday Devgan, MD


Debate continues over immediate sequential bilateral cataract surgery

P. Dee Stephenson, MD, FACS; Sumitra Khandelwal, MD

Cover Story

Time is ripe to rethink posterior optic capture techniques

Grand Rounds at the New England Eye Center

Young woman who went blind in one eye presents years later with symptoms in fellow eye

Jessica Moon, MD; Joaquin Tosi, MD

In the Journals

Success of nasolacrimal probing not affected by age or surgeon experience

Lindstrom's Perspective

PCO treatment would disrupt cataract surgery

Richard L. Lindstrom, MD

Meeting News

VIDEO: eSight introduces wearable technology for patients with vision loss

VIDEO: Ocular Therapeutix readies to become commercial company in near future

VIDEO: Bausch + Lomb touts four new technologies for 2017

VIDEO: Lensar introduces Streamline 3 platform

VIDEO: Aqueous humor holds potential as ‘liquid’ biopsy for retinoblastoma

VIDEO: Small aperture optic technology creates depth of focus

VIDEO: TearLab introduces TearLab Discovery, its next generation platform

VIDEO: TrueTear stimulates trigeminal nerve to produce natural tears for dry eye

VIDEO: Sirolimus reduces vitreous haze in patients with posterior uveitis

VIDEO: Real-world Xen glaucoma implant technique improves on FDA-approved technique

VIDEO: Refocus Group introduces scleral micro-implant presbyopia-correction technology

VIDEO: SightLife Surgical announces two major partnerships

FDA clears Pentacam, Aladdin topographers for integration with Lensar system

Higher incidence of Bell’s palsy attributed to increase in herpes zoster infection

DEWS II further explores etiology of dry eye disease

Barrett formulas integrated into IOLMaster 700

Bonnie An Henderson, MD, takes place as next ASCRS president

Topical non-preserved steroid may help relieve symptoms of preservative-related punctal congestion

Avedro implements reimbursement pathway for cross-linking products

TearScience introduces disposable activator for LipiFlow system

Study examines growth trends of anterior segment anatomy

Surgilum introduces Photon Speculum


Could femtosecond laser technology encourage more cataract surgeons to perform primary posterior capsulotomy and optic capture?

The Dry Eye

The state of dry eye care, part 1

Darrell E. White, MD