Luigi Di Rosa, MD, a YO member of the OSN Europe Edition Board, focuses his blog on gadgets, bizarre inventions, apps, hardware and software that may be the brilliant solution to an awkward problem, the simple answer to a long-standing question, the trick that makes all the difference. Useful to the young specialist as well as the trainee and the consultant.

BLOG: Fighting eye strain caused by digital blue light

January 23, 2017

Although we still talk about how much blue light is “too much blue light” for the retina, many eye care providers are concerned that the additional blue…

BLOG: Chrome's fun little hidden game

April 6, 2016

Daily life can be frustrating. Everybody, at least once, has had problems with their Internet connection. You’re in front of your computer, in a hurry to check your…

BLOG: 3-D printed retinoscope

March 1, 2016

Medical equipment has always been very expensive. Even bolts, nuts or those small lamps inside your beloved slit lamps cost a hundred times more than the ones you can…