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VIDEO: Study shows Omidria helps manage pupil in IFIS cataract surgery cases

October 9, 2018
NEW YORK — From OSN New York 2018, Steven M. Silverstein, MD, discusses a study showing that Omidria (phenylephrine 1% and ketorolac 0.3%…
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Unhappy patients after cataract surgery need complete evaluation

October 8, 2018
NEW YORK — If a patient is unhappy after cataract surgery, a comprehensive workup of the patient and all preoperative testing, such as…
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VIDEO: How to manage an anterior capsule tear in cataract surgery

October 5, 2018
NEW YORK — William B. Trattler, MD, gives step-by-step tips for managing an anterior capsule tear that occurs during cataract surgery based on…
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Off-label corneal cross-linking can be effective for correct patients

October 4, 2018
NEW YORK — Corneal cross-linking can slow or stop progression of keratoconus, but choosing the correct patients and deciding when to go…
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VIDEO: Surgeon gives pearls for performing PTK for corneal pathologies

October 4, 2018
NEW YORK — Sumitra Khandelwal, MD, of Baylor College of Medicine, shares her clinical pearls for performing phototherapeutic keratectomy with…
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Ciliary muscle electrostimulation therapy may delay presbyopia

October 1, 2018
NEW YORK — Ciliary muscle electrostimulation therapy with an “attack dose” and maintenance doses every 2 to 3 months is a safe and…
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VIDEO: New toric IOLs expand range of options for patients

November 4, 2017
NEW YORK ― At OSN New York 2017, John A. Hovanesian, MD, FACS, discusses new premium toric IOL options that have greatly expanded the patient pool…
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VIDEO: Software aids in patient follow-up

November 2, 2017
NEW YORK ― At OSN New York 2017, Eric D. Donnenfeld, MD, discusses how he has incorporated MDbackline software into his practice to assist with…
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New technologies allow customizable presbyopia correction

November 1, 2017
NEW YORK — New presbyopia correcting technologies have allowed physicians to customize treatment plans specific to their patients, according to…
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SMILE a competitive option for refractive correction

October 31, 2017
NEW YORK — Refractive results and corneal integrity with small incision lenticule extraction are on par with those of LASIK, according to…