Euretina Congress

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Meeting News

Euretina allocates funds to research management of submacular hemorrhage in wet AMD

September 10, 2019
PARIS — Partnering with Fight for Sight, the European Society of Retina Specialists will award a 2 million euros grant to a research project…
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VIDEO: Large cohort shows safety of Ozurdex for DME

October 8, 2018
VIENNA At the Euretina meeting here, Jay Chhablani, MD, discusses safety results of a large cohort of patients with diabetic macular edema treated…
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VIDEO: Biologics have changed approach to treatment of uveitis

October 6, 2018
VIENNA — At the Euretina meeting, Marc de Smet, MD, PhD, speaks about the use of biologics in uveitis and gives pearls on indications
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VIDEO: Topical treatment of AMD shows promise in early stages of clinical trial

October 5, 2018
VIENNA — At the Euretina meeting, Hemal Mehta, MD, speaks about the early results of the PanOptica clinical trial on a new molecule for the
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Specialist shares key messages of Euretina guidelines for management of RVO

October 4, 2018
VIENNA — A thorough ocular examination, early treatment and a timely switch of nonresponders are key for successful management of retinal vein…
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3-D system offers advantages for learning surgery

October 3, 2018
VIENNA — There is no reason to be afraid of using a heads-up 3-D viewing modality to perform surgery because the advantages are immediately…
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VIDEO: DME non-responders to anti-VEGF may benefit from dexamethasone implant

October 2, 2018
VIENNA — At the Euretina meeting, Catharina Busch, MD, discusses the results of a study showing patients with diabetic macular edema who do not…
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VIDEO: OCT measures cytokine changes in DME treatments

September 29, 2018
VIENNA ― Javier Zarranz-Ventura, MD, PhD, discusses his presentation at the Euretina meeting in which he reviewed the use of OCT to observe cytokine…
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Prolonged aflibercept dosing intervals yield consistent results for treating AMD

September 28, 2018
VIENNA — Ninety-six-week outcomes of the ALTAIR study demonstrated safety and efficacy of treat-and-extend aflibercept administration with both…
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Corticosteroid implant shows positive real-world outcomes in severe cases of DME

September 28, 2018
VIENNA — Real-world 3-year data from the RETRO-IDEAL study showed that advanced diabetic macular edema cases can benefit from being treated…

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