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Two-year outcomes show strengths, weaknesses of quarter-DMEK

September 24, 2019
PARIS — Two years of follow-up with quarter-Descemet’s membrane endothelial keratoplasty show visual outcomes comparable to those of…
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Study clarifies genetic basis of rare form of corneal dystrophy

September 17, 2019
PARIS — A study carried out in Spain confirmed the genetic basis and identified the specific gene mutation causative of punctiform and…
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Descemet’s stripping only shows promise in some Fuchs’ patients

September 15, 2019
PARIS — For some patients, the use of a topical Rho kinase inhibitor following a Descemet’s stripping only procedure for Fuchs’…
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VIDEO: Corneal endothelial cell injection therapy continues to develop

September 14, 2019
PARIS — At EuCornea 2019, Shigeru Kinoshita, MD, PhD, speaks about the results of corneal endothelial cell injection therapy, a field in which…
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Specular microscopy, Scheimpflug imaging may help identify potential graft rejection

September 14, 2019
PARIS — Combined assessment of specular microscopy and Scheimpflug imaging could aid in detecting eyes at risk for graft rejection following…
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Stromal expansion enables standard epi-off CXL in thin corneas

September 14, 2019
PARIS — Stromal expansion with a donor flap obtained by femtosecond laser allows standard epithelium-off corneal cross-linking to be performed…
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Study investigates common features of keratoconus in Down syndrome

September 14, 2019
PARIS — The corneas of patients with Down syndrome present many features similar to those of mild keratoconus eyes, although they do not meet…
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Tomographic findings of subclinical edema help predict Fuchs’ progression

September 13, 2019
PARIS — With a median of 5 years of follow-up, three easily identifiable tomography patterns predict prognosis in Fuchs’ endothelial…
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Corneal regeneration through adipose-derived stem cells may be option for patients with keratoconus

September 12, 2016
COPENHAGEN — Transplantation of autologous human adipose-derived adult stem cells may be a feasible alternative to corneal transplantation in…
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Over long term, DSEK and PK have similar cumulative endothelial cell loss but different patterns of loss

September 12, 2016
COPENHAGEN — A 10-year comparison of cell loss after penetrating keratoplasty and Descemet’s stripping endothelial keratoplasty showed a…

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EuCornea Meeting

October 2, 2020 - October 3, 2020

  • Location: Amsterdam, The Netherlands