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Screening program finds diabetic retinopathy in 30% of subjects

July 19, 2017
Researchers found the prevalence of diabetic retinopathy in diabetes type 2 patients to be 30% through the use of a telemedicine screening program…
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Binocular iPad games improve childhood amblyopia

July 12, 2017
Binocular games and movies that rebalance contrast are a promising option for treating amblyopia, according to research from Krista R. Kelly
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Dexamethasone/povidone iodine promising against adenoviral conjunctivitis

July 5, 2017
A dexamethasone/povidone-iodine ophthalmic suspension may be appropriate treatment for adenoviral conjunctivitis in adults, according to researchers…
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VIDEO: Preliminary study of Ozurdex for CME, proliferative retinopathy encouraging

June 26, 2017
BALTIMORE At the Association for Research in Vision and Ophthalmology meeting here, Angelo Minnella, MD, of Catholic University of the Sacred…
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Red light technology improves tear break-up in dry eye

June 21, 2017
The at-home use of a red light therapy was shown to affect the meibomian gland secretions and alleviate the symptoms of dry eye, according to a…
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Sildenafil shown to expand choroidal vessels in patients with AMD

June 20, 2017
Researchers found that sildenafil citrate increases choroidal thickness in eyes with both wet and dry age-related macular degeneration. Vuong and…

Lifitegrast improved dry eye signs, symptoms in five trials

June 19, 2017
The combined clinical evidence from five trials supports the U.S. FDA approval of lifitegrast as a first-in-class medication for treating all signs…

UWF-FA identifies retinopathy earlier than UWF photography alone

June 19, 2017
In eyes with less severe diabetic retinopathy, ultra-widefield fluorescein angiography identifies the more severe form earlier and allows for…
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Reduced visual acuity associated with a decline in reading efficiency

June 15, 2017
Researchers found that a significant decline in reading efficiency was associated with reduced visual acuity. The prospective, cross-sectional study…
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OCT-A may detect nonexudative CNV in dry AMD

June 14, 2017
Researchers reported at the Association for Research in Vision and Ophthalmology meeting that semi-annual optical coherence tomography-angiography…

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