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New eye camp model improves screenings in India

March 11, 2020
WASHINGTON — The use of digital fundus photography in a newly designed model of a Pondicherry eye screening camp better improved case…
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Poor medication adherence linked to faster rate of visual field decline

March 10, 2020
WASHINGTON — Patients who better adhered to topical glaucoma medications over time experienced a slower rate of visual field decline compared…
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Four AI models show high diagnostic accuracy for glaucoma

March 9, 2020
WASHINGTON — Two conventional machine learning algorithms and two convolutional neural network models achieved high glaucoma diagnostic…
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Understand risk factors to limit endothelial cell loss after glaucoma surgery

March 6, 2020
WASHINGTON — Traditional glaucoma surgery will result in endothelial cell loss, but surgeons can be aware of potential risk factors and take…
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Cyclophotocoagulation with trabecular meshwork bypass MIGS may lead to sustained IOP reduction

March 5, 2020
WASHINGTON — Patients with advanced open-angle glaucoma experienced a sustained IOP and medication reduction after undergoing…
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Glaucoma may be associated with central neurodegenerative diseases

March 5, 2020
WASHINGTON — Patients with glaucoma may have an increased prevalence of certain central neurodegenerative diseases, such as various types of…
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Long-term results of Xen gel stent show IOP reduction potential

March 3, 2020
WASHINGTON — Implantation of the Xen gel stent can effectively control IOP in patients with glaucoma in the long term, but the stent also…
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Intraoperative, postoperative MMC helps control IOP in Ahmed glaucoma valve implantation

March 2, 2020
WASHINGTON — Patients undergoing Ahmed glaucoma valve implantation who received intraoperative and postoperative mitomycin C experienced better…
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Ophthalmologists face challenges in treating, diagnosing pediatric glaucoma

February 28, 2020
WASHINGTON — The difficulty of obtaining a correct IOP reading, the risks involved with anesthesia and the challenges of classifying pediatric…
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Machine-to-machine learning may lead to improved grading of disc photos

March 27, 2019
SAN FRANCISCO — A machine-to-machine method of deep learning may lead to a more accurate way to estimate the presence of glaucoma from…

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American Glaucoma Society

March 4, 2021 - March 7, 2021

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