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Ophthalmic Surgery, Lasers and Imaging Retina

OSLI Retina focuses exclusively on retinal diseases, surgery and pharmacotherapy. OSLI Retina will offer an expedited submission to publication effort of peer-reviewed clinical science and case report articles. The front of the journal offers practical clinical and practice management features and columns specific to retina specialists. In sum, readers will find important peer-reviewed retina articles and the latest findings in techniques and science, as well as informative business and practice management features in one journal.

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  • April 2019
  • Volume 50 · Issue 4
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Displacement of Submacular Hemorrhage With Subretinal Injection of Recombinant Tissue Plasminogen Activator and Gas Tamponade in the Setting of Myopic Degeneration

Ryan A. Shields, MD; Peter H. Tang, MD, PhD; Carl D. Regillo, MD, FACS; Ruwan A. Silva, MD, MPhil

Ophthalmic Surgery, Lasers and Imaging Retina. 2019;50(4):257-259 https://doi.org/10.3928/23258160-20190401-11

Clinical Science

Early Diagnosis and Management of Aggressive Posterior Vitreoretinopathy Presenting in Premature Neonates

Mrinali P. Gupta, MD; Yoshihiro Yonekawa, MD; J. Peter Campbell, MD, MPH; Irene Rusu, MD; Sarwar Zahid, MD; Samir N. Patel, MD; Felix Chau, MD; Karyn E. Jonas, RN; Erica Oltra, MD; Anton Orlin, MD; Jonathan Chang, MD; Jason Horowitz, MD; David H. Abramson, MD; Brian Marr, MD; Antonio Capone, MD; R. V. Paul Chan, MD, FACS

Ophthalmic Surgery, Lasers and Imaging Retina. 2019;50(4):201-207 https://doi.org/10.3928/23258160-20190401-01

Long-Term Anatomic and Visual Outcome Following Vitrectomy for Stage 4B and 5 Retinopathy of Prematurity

Elena Gusson, MD; Francesca Bosello, MD; Francesca Allegrini, MD; Lucia Firolli, MD; Ilaria Tomaello, MD; Giorgio Marchini, MD; Rocco Micciolo, MD; Silvia Pignatto, MD; Antonio Capone, MD

Ophthalmic Surgery, Lasers and Imaging Retina. 2019;50(4):208-214 https://doi.org/10.3928/23258160-20190401-02

Vessel Tortuosity Cutoff Values Using the Modified ROPtool May Predict Need for Treatment in Retinopathy of Prematurity

Itsara Lertjirachai, MD; Maxwell S. Stem, MD; Stavros N. Moysidis, MD; Nicole Koulisis, MD; Antonio Capone, MD; Kimberly A. Drenser, MD, PhD; Michael T. Trese, MD

Ophthalmic Surgery, Lasers and Imaging Retina. 2019;50(4):215-220 https://doi.org/10.3928/23258160-20190401-03

Longitudinal Examination of Fellow-Eye Vascular Anomalies in Coats' Disease With Widefield Fluorescein Angiography: A Multicenter Study

Karen W. Jeng-Miller, MD, MPH; Taha Soomro, MBChB; Nathan L. Scott, MD, MPP; Prethy Rao, MD, MPH; Elizabeth Marlow, MD; Emmanuel Y. Chang, MD, PhD; Anna Ells, MD, FRCS(C); Felix Chau, MD; Eric Nudleman, MD, PhD; Charles M. Calvo, MD; Nish Patel, BA; Roy Schwartz, MD; Linda A. Cernichiaro-Espinosa, MD; Alexandrea Gabrielle Montoya, BS; Jessica Goldstein; C. Armitage Harper III, MD; Caroline R. Baumal, MD; Mary Elizabeth Hartnett, MD; J. William Harbour, MD; Cagri G. Besirli, MD, PhD; Mrinali P. Gupta, MD; R.V. Paul Chan, MD, MSc, FACS; Kimberly A. Drenser, MD, PhD; Antonio Capone, MD; Timothy G. Murray, MD, MBA; Shizuo Mukai, MD; Michael T. Trese, MD; Audina M. Berrocal, MD; Sui Chien Wong, MBBS, FRCSEd (Ophth), MRCOphth PGC; Yoshihiro Yonekawa, MD

Ophthalmic Surgery, Lasers and Imaging Retina. 2019;50(4):221-227 https://doi.org/10.3928/23258160-20190401-04

Macular Capillary Perfusion in Chinese Patients With Diabetic Retinopathy Obtained With Optical Coherence Tomography Angiography

Dawei Yang, MD; Dan Cao, MD; Zhongning Huang, MD; Jianteng Xie, MD; Qianli Meng, MD; Xinran Dong, MD; Yunyan Hu, MD; Yunkao Zeng, MD; Liang Zhang, MD

Ophthalmic Surgery, Lasers and Imaging Retina. 2019;50(4):e88-e95 https://doi.org/10.3928/23258160-20190401-12

Intravitreal Anti-Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor Injections for Macular Edema Associated With Central Retinal Vein Occlusion in Patients Age 40 Years or Younger

Xinxiao Gao, MD, PhD; Anthony Obeid, MD; Christopher M. Aderman, MD; Ferhina S. Ali, MD; James F. Vander, MD; Jason Hsu, MD; Allen C. Ho, MD

Ophthalmic Surgery, Lasers and Imaging Retina. 2019;50(4):e96-e104 https://doi.org/10.3928/23258160-20190401-13

Long-Term Course Following Vitreous Surgery for Epiretinal Membrane

Takefumi Kishi, MD; Akira Watanabe, MD, PhD; Shoyo Yoshimine, MD; Tomoyuki Watanabe, MD; Kota Arai, MD; Tamaki Gekka, MD, PhD

Ophthalmic Surgery, Lasers and Imaging Retina. 2019;50(4):e105-e111 https://doi.org/10.3928/23258160-20190401-14

Higher Vascular Density of the Superficial Retinal Capillary Plexus in Degenerative Lamellar Macular Holes

Luisa Pierro, MD; Lorenzo Iuliano, MD, FEBO; Marco Gagliardi, MD; Alessandro Arrigo, MD; Francesco Bandello, MD, FEBO

Ophthalmic Surgery, Lasers and Imaging Retina. 2019;50(4):e112-e117 https://doi.org/10.3928/23258160-20190401-15

Clinical Application of Fluorescein Angiography-Free Navigated Focal Laser Photocoagulation in Central Serous Chorioretinopathy

Dmitrii S. Maltsev, MD, PhD; Alexei N. Kulikov, MD, DSc; Jay Chhablani, MD

Ophthalmic Surgery, Lasers and Imaging Retina. 2019;50(4):e118-e124 https://doi.org/10.3928/23258160-20190401-16

Imaging Review

Experimental Evidence Behind Clinical Trial Outcomes in Retinopathy of Prematurity

Mary Elizabeth Hartnett, MD; Cynthia Ann Toth, MD

Ophthalmic Surgery, Lasers and Imaging Retina. 2019;50(4):228-234 https://doi.org/10.3928/23258160-20190401-05


Iris Root Chandelier Illumination for the Management of Advanced Pediatric Tractional Retinal Detachments

Ahmad Al Jaloud, MD; Sulaiman M. Al Sulaiman, MD; Marco Mura, MD

Ophthalmic Surgery, Lasers and Imaging Retina. 2019;50(4):235-237 https://doi.org/10.3928/23258160-20190401-06

Case Report

Spontaneous Hyaloidal Contraction and Complex Retinal Detachment in a Patient With Von Hippel-Lindau Syndrome

Aristomenis Thanos, MD; Taylan Ozturk, MD; Lisa J. Faia, MD; Antonio Capone, MD

Ophthalmic Surgery, Lasers and Imaging Retina. 2019;50(4):238-241 https://doi.org/10.3928/23258160-20190401-07

Exudative Retinal Detachment Following Laser Photocoagulation for Retinopathy of Prematurity: A Rare Complication

Omar Moinuddin, MD; Sarah Bonaffini, DO; Cagri G. Besirli, MD, PhD

Ophthalmic Surgery, Lasers and Imaging Retina. 2019;50(4):242-246 https://doi.org/10.3928/23258160-20190401-08

Exudative Retinal Detachment Following Intravitreal Chemotherapeutic Treatment for Retinoblastoma

Boleslav Kotlyar, MD; Michael Shapiro, MD; Michael Blair, MD

Ophthalmic Surgery, Lasers and Imaging Retina. 2019;50(4):248-252 https://doi.org/10.3928/23258160-20190401-09

Presumed Choroidal Granuloma Annulare Mimicking Choroidal Lymphoma

Lauren A. Dalvin, MD; Steven D. Maxfield, MD; Diva R. Salomão, MD; Jose S. Pulido, MD, MBA, MPH, MS

Ophthalmic Surgery, Lasers and Imaging Retina. 2019;50(4):e128-e132 https://doi.org/10.3928/23258160-20190401-18

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