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OSLI Retina focuses exclusively on retinal diseases, surgery and pharmacotherapy. OSLI Retina will offer an expedited submission to publication effort of peer-reviewed clinical science and case report articles. The front of the journal offers practical clinical and practice management features and columns specific to retina specialists. In sum, readers will find important peer-reviewed retina articles and the latest findings in techniques and science, as well as informative business and practice management features in one journal.

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  • August 2017
  • Volume 48 · Issue 8
Table of Contents
Practical Retina

The Role of Pneumatic Retinopexy: Lessons Learned and Keys to Successful Outcomes

Michael N. Cohen, MD; Howard F. Fine, MD, MHSc; Chirag P. Shah, MD, MPH

8 Questions with Darius Moshfeghi

8 Questions with Darius Moshfeghi

María H. Berrocal, MD

Clinical Science

Evaluation of Macular Perfusion in Healthy Smokers by Using Optical Coherence Tomography Angiography

Ziya Ayhan, MD; Mahmut Kaya, MD; Taylan Ozturk, MD; Omer Karti, MD; F. Hakan Oner, MD

Clinical Science

Quantitative Features of the Choriocapillaris in Healthy Individuals Using Swept-Source Optical Coherence Tomography Angiography

Mayss Al-Sheikh, MD; Khalil Ghasemi Falavarjani, MD; Maximilian Pfau, MD; Akihito Uji, MD, PhD; Phillip P. Le, MD, PhD; Srinivas R. Sadda, MD

Clinical Science

Culture-Positive Endophthalmitis After Open Globe Injuries With and Without Retained Intraocular Foreign Bodies

Tanuj P. Banker, MD; Andrew J. McClellan, MD; Benjamin D. Wilson, BS; Fabiana M. Juan, BS; Ajay E. Kuriyan, MD; Nidhi Relhan, MD; Felix V. Chen, BS; Eric D. Weichel, MD; Thomas A. Albini, MD; Audina M. Berrocal, MD; Jay Sridhar, MD; Ninel Z. Gregori, MD; Justin H. Townsend, MD; Harry W. Flynn, MD

Clinical Science
Clinical Science

Vascular Density of Retinal Capillary Plexuses in Different Subtypes of Macular Hole

Luisa Pierro, MD; Alessandro Rabiolo, MD; Lorenzo Iuliano, MD, FEBO; Marco Gagliardi, MD; Davide Panico, MD; Francesco Bandello, MD, FEBO

Clinical Science

Morphologic and Postoperative Fixation Characteristics of the Macular Epiretinal Membrane in Young Patients Undergoing Surgery

Tian Tian, MD; Chunli Chen, MD; Haiying Jin, MD; Qi Zhang, MD; Yu Xu, MD; Shiyuan Wang, MD; Xiang Zhang, MD; Peiquan Zhao, MD, PhD

Case Report

OCT Angiographic Findings in Glucose-6-Phosphate Dehydrogenase Deficiency

Shangjun Jiang, BMSc; Netan Choudhry, MD, FRCS(C)

Case Report

Amalric Triangular Syndrome Associated With Outer Nuclear Layer Infarction

Sean T. Garrity, MD; Eric J. Holz, MD, FACS; David Sarraf, MD

Case Report

Swept-Source Optical Coherence Tomography Angiography in West Nile Virus Chorioretinitis and Associated Occlusive Retinal Vasculitis

Moncef Khairallah, MD; Rim Kahloun, MD; Salma Gargouri, MD; Bechir Jelliti, MD; Dorra Sellami, MD; Salim Ben Yahia, MD; Jamel Feki, MD

Case Report

Scleral Buckle Infection With Pseudallescheria boydii

Janice C. Law, MD; Mark P. Breazzano, MD; Dean Eliott, MD

Case Report

Aspergillus Endophthalmitis Resulting in Development of Retinal Aspergilloma

Lee Kiang, MD, PhD; Ashkan Pirouz, MD; Scott Grant, MD; Sean D. Adrean, MD; Mehrdad Malihi, MD; Phoebe Lin, MD, PhD

Images in Ophthalmology

Optical Coherence Tomography Angiography of Retinal Cavernous Hemangioma

Luisa Pierro, MD; Alessandro Marchese, MD; Marco Gagliardi, MD; Francesco Bandello, MD, FEBO