Refractive Outcome Graphs/Visual Acuity Conversion 

Outcomes for any clinical series of refractive surgery cases must include a graphic presentation of outcomes as set out in the Journal of Refractive Surgery.1-5 Authors must include linear regression analysis with the regression equation, trend line, and coefficient of determination (r2), which should be shown on the attempted vs achieved spherical equivalent refraction scatter plot.

The Standard Graphs can be plotted using standard spreadsheet software, such as Microsoft Excel (, or dedicated software packages available for analyzing refractive surgery outcomes, such as Datagraph-med (, Outcomes Analysis Software (, and SurgiVision® DataLink ( (The Journal of Refractive Surgery provides no specific endorsement of the above listed software packages.)

Standard Graphs for Corneal Refractive Surgery


Standard Graphs for Intraocular Lens-Based Refractive Surgery


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Visual Acuity

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