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The Journal of Refractive Surgery, the official journal of the International Society of Refractive Surgery, a partner of the American Academy of Ophthalmology, has been a monthly peer-reviewed forum for original research, review, and evaluation of refractive and lens-based surgical procedures for more than 30 years. Practical, clinically valuable articles provide readers with the most up-to-date information regarding advances in the field of refractive surgery. Begin to explore the Journal and all of its great benefits such as:

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Past Issue
  • March 2019
  • Volume 35 · Issue 3
Original Article
Supplemental Data

Correction of Astigmatism With SMILE With Axis Alignment: 6-Month Results From 622 Eyes

Pei Chen, MD, PhD; Yiming Ye, MD, PhD; Na Yu, MD, MS; Xiaoying Zhang, MS; Jing Zhuang, PhD; Keming Yu, MD, PhD

Journal of Refractive Surgery. 2019;35(3):138-145

Supplemental Data

Postoperative Corneal Complications in Small Incision Lenticule Extraction: Long-Term Study

Yan Wang, MD, PhD; Jiaonan Ma, MD; Lin Zhang, MD, PhD; Haohan Zou, MD; Jinxiao Li, MD; Yue Zhang, MD; Vishal Jhanji, MD

Journal of Refractive Surgery. 2019;35(3):146-152

Adjustment of Spherical Equivalent Correction According to Cap Thickness for Myopic Small Incision Lenticule Extraction

Hun Lee, MD; David Sung Yong Kang, MD; Dan Z. Reinstein, MD; Cynthia J. Roberts, PhD; Renato Ambrósio Jr, MD, PhD; Timothy J. Archer, PhD; Seung Ki Jean, MR; Eung Kweon Kim, MD, PhD; Kyoung Yul Seo, MD, PhD; Ikhyun Jun, MD, PhD; Tae-im Kim, MD, PhD

Journal of Refractive Surgery. 2019;35(3):153-160

Effect of Gender and Procedure on Patient-Reported Dry Eye Symptoms After Laser Vision Correction

Julie M. Schallhorn, MD, MS; Martina Pelouskova, MSc; Catherine Oldenburg, PhD; David Teenan, MD; Stephen J. Hannan, OD; Steven C. Schallhorn, MD

Journal of Refractive Surgery. 2019;35(3):161-168

Supplemental Data

Five-Year Follow-up of Correction of Myopia: Posterior Chamber Phakic Intraocular Lens With a Central Port Design

José F. Alfonso, MD, PhD; Luis Fernández-Vega-Cueto, MD, PhD; Belén Alfonso-Bartolozzi, MD; Robert Montés-Micó, PhD; Luis Fernández-Vega, MD, PhD

Journal of Refractive Surgery. 2019;35(3):169-176

Supplemental Data

Determining the Potential Role of Crystalline Lens Rise in Vaulting in Posterior Chamber Phakic Collamer Lens Surgery for Correction of Myopia

Felix Gonzalez-Lopez, MD; Rafael Bilbao-Calabuig, MD, PhD, FEBO-CR; Blas Mompean, MD; Jorge Luezas, MD; Julio Ortega-Usobiaga, MD, PhD, FEBO-CR; Vasyl Druchkiv, MSc

Journal of Refractive Surgery. 2019;35(3):177-183

Iontophoresis CXL With and Without Epithelial Debridement Versus Standard CXL: 2-Year Clinical Results of a Prospective Clinical Study

Paolo Vinciguerra, MD; Pietro Rosetta, MD; Emanuela F. Legrottaglie, MD; Emanuela Morenghi, PhD; Cosimo Mazzotta, MD, PhD; Stephen B. Kaye, MD, FRCS, FRCOphth; Riccardo Vinciguerra, MD

Journal of Refractive Surgery. 2019;35(3):184-190

Supplemental Data

Effectiveness of Intrastromal Corneal Ring Implantation in the Treatment of Adult Patients With Keratoconus: A Systematic Review

Luis Izquierdo Jr, MD, MSc, PhD; Mark J. Mannis, MD; Josefina A. Mejías Smith, MD, MSc, MPH; Maria A. Henriquez, MD, MSc, PhD

Journal of Refractive Surgery. 2019;35(3):191-200

Supplemental Data

Assessment of the Association Between In Vivo Corneal Biomechanical Changes After Corneal Cross-linking and Depth of Demarcation Line

Riccardo Vinciguerra, MD; Argyrios Tzamalis, MD, PhD; Vito Romano, MD; Esmaeil M. Arbabi, MD, FRCOphth; Mark Batterbury, MD, FRCOphth; Stephen B. Kaye, MD, FRCS, FRCOphth

Journal of Refractive Surgery. 2019;35(3):202-206

Letter to the Editor

Single-Pass Four-Throw Pupilloplasty Knot Mechanics

Priya Narang, MS; Amar Agarwal, MS, FRCS, FRCOphth

Journal of Refractive Surgery. 2019;35(3):207-208

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