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The Journal of Refractive Surgery, the official journal of the International Society of Refractive Surgery, a partner of the American Academy of Ophthalmology, has been a monthly peer-reviewed forum for original research, review, and evaluation of refractive and lens-based surgical procedures for more than 30 years. Practical, clinically valuable articles provide readers with the most up-to-date information regarding advances in the field of refractive surgery. Begin to explore the Journal and all of its great benefits such as:

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Past Issue
  • October 2018
  • Volume 34 · Issue 10
Original Article
Supplemental Data

Effect of NSAIDs on Pupil Diameter and Expression of Aqueous Humor Cytokines in FLACS Versus Conventional Phacoemulsification

Natalia S. Anisimova, MD; Lisa B. Arbisser, MD; Goran Petrovski, MD, PhD; Svetlana V. Petrichuk, PhD; Nikolay P. Sobolev, MD, PhD; Beata Petrovski, PhD; Sergey A. Borsenok, MD, PhD; Yurii A. Komah, MD, PhD; Boris E. Malyugin, MD, PhD

Journal of Refractive Surgery. 2018;34(10):646-652

Supplemental Data

Implantable Collamer Lens® for Management of Pseudophakic Ametropia in Eyes With a Spectrum of Previous Corneal Surgery

José F. Alfonso, MD, PhD; Carlos Lisa, MD, PhD; Belen Alfonso-Bartolozzi, MD; Luis Fernández-Vega-Cueto, MD, PhD; Robert Montés-Micó, PhD

Journal of Refractive Surgery. 2018;34(10):654-663

Supplemental Data

Differences in Posterior Corneal Features Between Normal Corneas and Subclinical Keratoconus

Oren Golan, MD; Eric S. Hwang, BS; Paul Lang, BS; Marcony R. Santhiago, MD, PhD; Adi Abulafia, MD; David Touboul, MD, PhD; Mark Krauthammer, MD; David Smadja, MD

Journal of Refractive Surgery. 2018;34(10):664-670

Supplemental Data

Outcomes for Mixed Cylinder LASIK With the MEL 90® Excimer Laser

Dan Z. Reinstein, MD, MA(Cantab), FRCSC; Glenn I. Carp, MBBCh, FCOphth (SA); Timothy J. Archer, MA(Oxon), DipCompSci(Cantab), PhD; Alexander C. Day, PhD, FRCOphth, CertLRS; Ryan S. Vida, OD, FAAO

Journal of Refractive Surgery. 2018;34(10):672-680

Therapeutic Refractive Surgery
Supplemental Data Free

Sequential Customized Therapeutic Keratectomy for Reis-Bücklers' Corneal Dystrophy: Long-term Follow-up

Paolo Vinciguerra, MD; Riccardo Vinciguerra, MD; J. Bradley Randleman, MD; Ingrid Torres, MD; Emanuela Morenghi, PhD; Fabrizio I. Camesasca, MD

Journal of Refractive Surgery. 2018;34(10):682-688

Supplemental Data

Outcomes of Simultaneous and Sequential Cross-linking With Excimer Laser Surface Ablation in Keratoconus

Ahmed Shalaby Bardan, MS, FRCOphth, FRCSEd; Hanbin Lee, MBBS, BSc; Mayank A. Nanavaty, MBBS, DO, FRCOphth

Journal of Refractive Surgery. 2018;34(10):690-696

Presbyopic Excimer Laser Ablation: A Review

Larissa R. Stival, MD; Marisa N. Figueiredo, MD; Marcony R. Santhiago, MD, PhD

Journal of Refractive Surgery. 2018;34(10):698-710

Letters to the Editor
Free Video

Femtosecond Laser–Assisted Capsulotomy Markings for the Alignment of Toric IOLs: A New Technique

Vasilios F. Diakonis, MD, PhD; Beau F. Swann, MD; Robert J. Weinstock, MD

Journal of Refractive Surgery. 2018;34(10):711-712

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