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The Journal of Refractive Surgery, the official journal of the International Society of Refractive Surgery, a partner of the American Academy of Ophthalmology, has been a monthly peer-reviewed forum for original research, review, and evaluation of refractive and lens-based surgical procedures for more than 30 years. Practical, clinically valuable articles provide readers with the most up-to-date information regarding advances in the field of refractive surgery. Begin to explore the Journal and all of its great benefits such as:

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Past Issue
  • July 2017
  • Volume 33 · Issue 7
Supplemental Data Open Access

Integration of Scheimpflug-Based Corneal Tomography and Biomechanical Assessments for Enhancing Ectasia Detection

Renato Ambrósio Jr, MD, PhD; Bernardo T. Lopes, MD; Fernando Faria-Correia, MD; Marcella Q. Salomão, MD; Jens Bühren, MD; Cynthia J. Roberts, PhD; Ahmed Elsheikh, PhD; Riccardo Vinciguerra, MD; Paolo Vinciguerra, MD

Journal of Refractive Surgery. 2017;33(7):434-443

Supplemental Data

Contralateral Eye Comparison of SMILE and Flap-Based Corneal Refractive Surgery: Computational Analysis of Biomechanical Impact

Ibrahim Seven, PhD; Ali Vahdati, PhD; Iben Bach Pedersen, MD; Anders Vestergaard, MD, PhD; Jesper Hjortdal, MD, PhD; Cynthia J. Roberts, PhD; William J. Dupps Jr, MD, PhD

Journal of Refractive Surgery. 2017;33(7):444-453

Surgical Technique
Supplemental Data Video

Bean-shaped Ring Segments as a Capsule Enhancement Tool in Complex Bag-in-the-Lens Intraocular Lens Implantation

Ate Altenburg, MD; Sorcha S. Ní Dhubhghaill, MD, PhD; Marie-José Tassignon, MD, PhD

Journal of Refractive Surgery. 2017;33(7):454-459

Original Article
Supplemental Data
Supplemental Data

Refractive Changes Induced by Spherical Aberration in Laser Correction Procedures: An Adaptive Optics Study

Alfredo Amigó, MD, PhD; Paula Martinez-Sorribes, MSc; Margarita Recuerda, MD

Journal of Refractive Surgery. 2017;33(7):470-474

Corneal Asphericity and IOL Power Calculation in Eyes With Aspherical IOLs

Giacomo Savini, MD; Kenneth J. Hoffer, MD; Piero Barboni, MD; Domenico Schiano Lomoriello, MD; Pietro Ducoli, MD

Journal of Refractive Surgery. 2017;33(7):476-481

Supplemental Data
Therapeutic Refractive Surgery
Supplemental Data

Medium- to Long-Term Results of Corneal Cross-Linking for Keratoconus Using Phototherapeutic Keratectomy for Epithelial Removal and Partial Stromal Ablation

Xiangjun Chen, MD, PhD; Aleksandar Stojanovic, MD, PhD; Yangyang Xu, MD; Wen Zhou, MD; Sten Raeder, MD, PhD; Sam Enayati, MD; Tor Paaske Utheim, MD, PhD

Journal of Refractive Surgery. 2017;33(7):488-495


Why Indentation Cannot Be Considered Exactly Equivalent to Non-contact Tonometry

Abhijit Sinha Roy, PhD; Rohit Shetty, MD, PhD

Journal of Refractive Surgery. 2017;33(7):496

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