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The Journal of Refractive Surgery, the official journal of the International Society of Refractive Surgery, a partner of the American Academy of Ophthalmology, has been a monthly peer-reviewed forum for original research, review, and evaluation of refractive and lens-based surgical procedures for more than 30 years. Practical, clinically valuable articles provide readers with the most up-to-date information regarding advances in the field of refractive surgery. Begin to explore the Journal and all of its great benefits such as:

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Past Issue
  • September 1989
  • Volume 5 · Issue 5
Editor's Page

Conventional Standards for Reporting Results of Refractive Surgery

George O Waring, III, MD, FACS

Journal of Refractive Surgery. 1989;5(5):285-287

Original Articles

Regression of Effect Following Radial Thermokeratoplasty in Humans

Sandy T Feldman, MD; William Ellis, MD; Joseph Frucht-Pery, MD; Arturo Chayet, MD; Stuart I Brown, MD

Journal of Refractive Surgery. 1989;5(5):288-291

Brief Reports

Radial Keratotomy in Teenagers

Peter Wyzinski, DSc, MD; Richard S Smith, MD

Journal of Refractive Surgery. 1989;5(5):315-320

News Commentary

Will Biofeedback Replace RK?

Robert Maloney, MD

Journal of Refractive Surgery. 1989;5(5):346-347

Product News
Book Reviews

The Cornea

Thomas J Roussel, MD

Journal of Refractive Surgery. 1989;5(5):351-352

Further Studies of Four Incision Radial Keratotomy

Alan V Spigelman, MD; Patricia A Williams, COT; Richard L Lindstrom, MD

Journal of Refractive Surgery. 1989;5(5):292-295

Light Microscopic and Ultrastructural Findings in Failed Epikeratoplasty

Hans E Grossniklaus, MD; Jonathan H Lass, MD; Gretta Jacobs, MD; Curtis E Margo, MD; Kevin M McAuliffe, MD

Journal of Refractive Surgery. 1989;5(5):296-301

Preliminary Evaluation of Two Experimental Surgical Adhesives in the Rabbit Cornea

Jeffrey B Robin, MD; Chia F Lee, MD; Jerda M Riley, MD

Journal of Refractive Surgery. 1989;5(5):302-306

Myopic Keratomileusis: Short-Term Results

Carmen Barraquer, MD; Angela M Gutierrez, MD; Alfredo Espinosa

Journal of Refractive Surgery. 1989;5(5):307-313

Meeting Programs

Journal of Refractive Surgery. 1989;5(5):321-342

Consultations in Refractive Surgery

Richard A Villasenor, MD; Robert H Marmer, MD; Leo D Bores, MD; Richard L Lindstrom, MD

Journal of Refractive Surgery. 1989;5(5):348-350

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