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The Journal of Pediatric Ophthalmology & Strabismus is a bimonthly peer-reviewed publication for pediatric ophthalmologists. The Journal has published original articles on the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of eye disorders in the pediatric age group and the treatment of strabismus in all age groups for over 50 years. Begin to explore the Journal and all of its great benefits such as:

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  • May/June 2017
  • Volume 54 · Issue 3
Table of Contents
Eye to Eye

Management of Small Vertical Deviations

Linda R. Dagi, MD; Mary O'Hara, MD; Mitchell B. Strominger, MD; Rudolph S. Wagner, MD

Whats Your Diagnosis
Basic Science Tidbit Free
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Review Article

Update on Orthokeratology in Managing Progressive Myopia in Children: Efficacy, Mechanisms, and Concerns

Xintong Li, MD; Ilana B. Friedman, MD; Norman B. Medow, MD; Cheng Zhang, MD

Original Article
Original Article

Medical Management of Blepharokeratoconjunctivitis in Children: A Delphi Consensus

Moritz Claudius Daniel, Dr med; Michael O'Gallagher, MSc, FRCOphth; Melanie Hingorani, MD, FRCOphth; Daniel F. Larkin, MD, FRCPI, FRCOphth; Stephen Tuft, MD, FRCOphth; Annegret Dahlmann-Noor, Dr med, PhD, FRCOphth

Original Article

Detecting High Hyperopia: The Plus Lens Test and the Spot Vision Screener

Samuel Feldman, BS; Mae Millicent W. Peterseim, MD; Rupal H. Trivedi, MD, MSCR; M. Edward Wilson, MD; Edward W. Cheeseman, MD; Carrie E. Papa, BS

Original Article

Agreement Between Three Optical Coherence Tomography Devices to Assess the Insertion Distance and Thickness of Horizontal Rectus Muscles

Lucía De-Pablo-Gómez-de-Liaño, MD; José Ignacio Fernández-Vigo, MD, PhD; Néstor Ventura-Abreu, MD; Julián García-Feijóo, MD, PhD; José Ángel Fernández-Vigo, MD, PhD; Rosario Gómez-de-Liaño, MD, PhD

Original Article

Clinical Presentation and Outcomes of Stage III or Stage IV Retinoblastoma in 80 Asian Indian Patients

Swathi Kaliki, MD; Anamika Patel, MD; Sadiya Iram, DO; Vijay Anand Reddy Palkonda, MD

Original Article

Intraocular Pressure Changes Following Intravitreal Melphalan and Topotecan for the Treatment of Retinoblastoma With Vitreous Seeding

Matthew D. Karl, MD; Jasmine H. Francis, MD; Saipriya Iyer, BA; Brian Marr, MD; David H. Abramson, MD

Images in Pediatric Ophthalmology

A Pigmented Lesion in an Umbrella Fashion

Rita Matos, MSc, MD; Pedro Gil, MSc, MD; Sérgio Monteiro, MSc, MD; Dionísio Cortesão, MD