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BLOG: Iowa Glaucoma Curriculum

At the end of September, the University of Iowa launched an exciting new website named the Iowa Glaucoma Curriculum. The man behind this project is Wallace L.M. Alward, MD, who is also the creator of the excellent resource Gonioscopy.org. The site, curriculum.iowaglaucoma.org, is open to everyone and free to use.

The goal of this new project is to give residents an introduction to glaucoma. The whole curriculum is just under 12 hours long and divided into 50 chapters, each consisting of a lecture featuring slides, images and videos with a recorded narration. The lectures are presented clearly, and I like the fact that each chapter is very specific so the presentations are not too long, with a varying length of 4 minutes to 37 minutes. The chapters are very well organized so it is easy to find the topic of your interest, and they cover everything from anatomy and physiology to medical and surgical treatment of glaucoma.

Source: curriculum.iowaglaucoma.org


The site has a beautiful and clean design that makes it easy to navigate. The video player works flawlessly, showing high-resolution videos instantly. The site is mobile friendly, and I did not run into any troubles using it and viewing the videos on my Android phone.

I am thoroughly impressed with the Iowa Glaucoma Curriculum. It is free to use and features a comprehensive introduction to glaucoma. The site has a neat design and a clear structure, making it a great companion to a traditional textbook.

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