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Top 10 Questions in Phacoemulsification Fluidics

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  • How does a fluidics system impact the safety and efficacy of cataract surgery?

Fluidics is the main modality in phacoemulsification for controlling movement within the eye during cataract surgery. Vacuum generates the holding force to break apart the nucleus and flow rate brings the nucleus to the phaco tip. When a surgeon is working with an advanced fluidics system, he or she can achieve better outcomes more efficiently and reduce the risk for fluidics-related complications, such as rupture of the posterior capsule.

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  • David B. Yan, MD, FACS
    Assistant Professor
    Department of Ophthalmology and
    Vision Sciences
    University of Toronto
  • Tal Raviv, MD
    Founder and Medical Director
    Eye Center of New York
    Clinical Associate Professor of Ophthalmology
    New York Eye and Ear Infirmary
    New York Medical College
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