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Allegro introduces dry eye treatment candidate

April 25, 2019

BLOG: Dissecting DREAM Part 4: Why all the fuss?

April 25, 2019
Boy, has there been a lot of noise about the DREAM study, or what?! I mean, come ON! We’re talking about fish oil here. Not some life-saving treatment that took…

VIDEO: Small relaxing incisions may allow easier DMEK surgery

April 23, 2019
Mark S. Hansen, MD, and David R. Hardten, MD, demonstrate a novel technique that facilitates performance of Descemet’s membrane endothelial keratoplasty. The…

Specialists offer their perspectives at Cornea360

April 23, 2019
The inaugural Cornea360 meeting took place in Scottsdale, Arizona, earlier this month, bringing together cornea specialists from across the country. was…
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Brief Report

Corneal Graft Failure Following Nd:YAG Laser Membranotomy for Inadvertent Retained Descemet’s Membrane After Penetrating Keratoplasty

Ophthalmic Surgery, Lasers and Imaging Retina, Volume 4
Online Only, July 1, 2012
Retained Descemet’s membrane (DM) following penetrating keratoplasty (PKP) is a rare finding that may reduce visual…
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Ocular Surface Diseases, Disorders, and Dysfunctions®, Volume 4, Number 3

This activity is supported by an educational grant from Shire.

Ocular surface disease (OSD) is a group of disorders commonly seen in ophthalmic practice, but it is challenging to…
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VIDEO: Corneal inlays, a technology that has struggled to take off

February 18, 2019
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