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BLOG: Single-pass four-throw pupilloplasty for silicone oil-induced glaucoma

Silicone oil-induced glaucoma is associated with raised IOP that is often unresponsive to a medical line of management. Removal of silicone oil from the eye has to be weighed against the repercussions of retaining it inside the eye.

The video demonstrates the method of surgical pupilloplasty being done with the single-pass four-throw technique. Initially, silicone oil removal is performed followed by surgical pupilloplasty. For more than 270° of peripheral anterior synechiae (PAS), a three-quadrant approach is chosen, whereas for less than 270° of PAS, a two-quadrant approach is adopted. Opening of the angle after surgical pupilloplasty has been demonstrated on intraoperative gonioscopy as well as anterior segment OCT.