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VIDEO BLOG: Soemmering ring management with glued IOL scaffold

Soemmering ring is a type of after-cataract that is seen usually in cases that have undergone cataract surgery at a young age. The residual epithelial cells proliferate and form a whitish fluffy like substance known as after-cataract. In cases with intact posterior capsule, various techniques have been described in the peer-reviewed literature for its management. But in cases of Soemmering ring associated with posterior capsule rupture (PCR), an additional management of the posterior capsular defect along with Soemmering ring management and secondary IOL implantation has to be performed.

Glued IOL scaffold is a technique described for management of nuclear fragment remnants in complicated cases of cataract surgery with associated PCR. Following a PCR, all the nuclear fragments are levitated into the anterior chamber and a glued IOL procedure is performed. The Soemmering material is dislodged from the periphery and is brought into the center. The pre-placed IOL acts as a scaffold and compartmentalizes the anterior and posterior chamber. The Soemmering material is then emulsified with the phacoemulsification probe as the nuclear fragments are emulsified in an IOL scaffold procedure.

The current video showcases this technique explicitly and Amar Agarwal, MS, FRCS, FRCOphth, has graciously contributed the video.  

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