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Research in Gerontological Nursing is a bimonthly, peer-reviewed publication offering cutting-edge, interdisciplinary gerontological nursing research to educators, academicians, clinicians, and policymakers involved with older adults in all health care settings. Begin to explore the Journal and all of its great benefits such as:

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Past Issue
  • September/October 2019
  • Volume 12 · Issue 5
Guest Editorial

Benzodiazepine Use and Falls in Older Adults: Is It Worth the Risk?

Elissa M. McDonald, PhD, MN(Hons), RN, DipBus(Mgt); Joan Caslangen, PGDipHSc (Advanced Nursing), RN, BN

Research in Gerontological Nursing. 2019;12(5):214-216

Empirical Research
Supplemental Data

Social Engagement, Cognition, Depression, and Comorbidity in Nursing Home Residents With Sensory Impairment

Darina V. Petrovsky, PhD, RN; Justine S. Sefcik, PhD, RN; Alexandra L. Hanlon, PhD; Alicia J. Lozano, MS; Pamela Z. Cacchione, PhD, CRNP

Research in Gerontological Nursing. 2019;12(5):217-226

Supplemental Data

Experiences and Perceptions of Hospitalization and Recovery of Older Adults and Their Caregivers Following Traumatic Brain Injury: “Not Knowing”

Linda L. Herrmann, PhD, RN, AGACNP-BC, GNP-BC, ACHPN, FAANP; Janet A. Deatrick, PhD, FAAN

Research in Gerontological Nursing. 2019;12(5):227-238

Open Access

Wandering Behavior From the Perspectives of Older Adults With Mild to Moderate Dementia in Long-Term Care

Adebusola A. Adekoya, MN, RN; Lorna Guse, PhD, RN

Research in Gerontological Nursing. 2019;12(5):239-247

State of the Science

Nutritional Interventions for Persons With Early-Stage Dementia or Alzheimer's Disease: An Integrative Review

Ingelin Testad, PhD, RN; Martine Kajander, RN; Christina Tolbol Froiland, RN; Anne Corbett, PhD; Martha T. Gjestsen, PhD, RN; Joel G. Anderson, PhD, CHTP, FGSA

Research in Gerontological Nursing. 2019;12(5):259-268

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