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Research in Gerontological Nursing is a bimonthly, peer-reviewed publication offering cutting-edge, interdisciplinary gerontological nursing research to educators, academicians, clinicians, and policymakers involved with older adults in all health care settings. Begin to explore the Journal and all of its great benefits such as:

• Quantitative, qualitative, methodological, and theoretical research articles
• Featured intervention studies
• The annual State of the Science Commentary, authored by national gerontological leaders
• Access to current articles, as well as several years of archived content
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Past Issue
  • July/August 2016
  • Volume 9 · Issue 4
Guest Editorial

A Need for Strong Partnerships for Successful Nursing Home Research

Justine S. Sefcik, MS, RN; Hyejin Kim, MSN, CRNP

Research in Gerontological Nursing. 2016;9(4):158-160

Research Brief

Overlooking Informal Dementia Caregivers' Burden

Oliver Riedel, PhD; Jens Klotsche, PhD; Hans-Ulrich Wittchen, PhD

Research in Gerontological Nursing. 2016;9(4):167-174

Empirical Research

Patient Preferences for Information on Post-Acute Care Services

Justine S. Sefcik, MS, RN; Rebecca H. Nock, BSN, RN; Emilia J. Flores, BSN, BSE, RN; Jo-Ana D. Chase, PhD, APRN-BC; Christine Bradway, PhD, RN, FAAN; Sheryl Potashnik, PhD, MPH; Kathryn H. Bowles, PhD, RN, FAAN, FACMI

Research in Gerontological Nursing. 2016;9(4):175-182

Performance and Usability of Tablet Computers by Family Caregivers in the United States and China

Hong Tao, PhD, RN; Susan McRoy, PhD; Christine R. Kovach, PhD, RN; Lin Wang, PhD, RN

Research in Gerontological Nursing. 2016;9(4):183-192

CareHeroes Web and Android™ Apps for Dementia Caregivers: A Feasibility Study

Ellen Leslie Brown, EdD, MS, RN, FAAN; Nicole Ruggiano, PhD, MSW; Timothy F. Page, PhD; Lisa Roberts, PT, MS, DPT, CSCS; Vagelis Hristidis, PhD; Karen L. Whiteman, PhD; Joana Castro, MS

Research in Gerontological Nursing. 2016;9(4):193-203

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