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The Journal of Nursing Education is a monthly, peer-reviewed journal publishing original articles and new ideas for nurse educators in various types and levels of nursing programs for over 50 years. The Journal enhances the teaching-learning process, promotes curriculum development, and stimulates creative innovation and research in nursing education. Begin to explore the Journal and all of its great benefits such as:

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Past Issue
  • March 2017
  • Volume 56 · Issue 3

Role of the RN in Primary Care: Implications for Nursing Education

Amy J. Barton, PhD, RN, FAAN

Journal of Nursing Education. 2017;56(3):127-128

Letter to the Editor

Letter to the Editor

Kim Hanna, PhD, MSN, CNL

Journal of Nursing Education. 2017;56(3):130

Major Article

Evaluating Practice-Based Learning

Nancy C. Logue, PhD, RN

Journal of Nursing Education. 2017;56(3):131-138

Effects of Simulation on Nursing Student Stress: An Integrative Review

Melody L. Cantrell, MSN, RN; Susan L. Meyer, BSN, RN; Victoria Mosack, PhD, APRN, PMHCNS-BC

Journal of Nursing Education. 2017;56(3):139-144

Strategies to Reduce Nursing Student Test Anxiety: A Literature Review

Brenna L. Quinn, PhD, RN, NCSN; Anya Peters, PhD, RN, CNE

Journal of Nursing Education. 2017;56(3):145-151

Nursing Student Preference for Block Versus Nonblock Clinical Models

Noelle Rohatinsky, PhD, RN, CMSN; Kathryn Chachula, MN, RN; Roslyn M. Compton, PhD, RN; Monique Sedgwick, PhD, RN; Madeline M. Press, PhD, RN; Brenda Lane, MN, RN, CMSN

Journal of Nursing Education. 2017;56(3):152-157

Research Briefs

Shifting Our Focus to Support the Educational Journey of Underrepresented Students

Jessica Alicea-Planas, PhD, RN, MPH, CHES

Journal of Nursing Education. 2017;56(3):159-163

Perspectives on Violence Against Women: A Study of United States Nursing Textbooks

Kim Price-Glynn, PhD; Stacy Missari, PhD

Journal of Nursing Education. 2017;56(3):164-169

Preparing Nurses for Genetic Medicine: Integration of a Brief Education Session in an Undergraduate Nursing Curriculum

Genevieve St-Martin, BSc; Angela Bedard, MS, CGC; JoAnne Nelmes, MN, RN; James E.J. Bedard, PhD

Journal of Nursing Education. 2017;56(3):170-173

Effects of Structured Group Counseling on Anger Management Skills of Nursing Students

Yeter Sinem Üzar-Özçetin, PhD, RN; Duygu Hiçdurmaz, PhD, RN

Journal of Nursing Education. 2017;56(3):174-181

Educational Innovation

Implementing a Veteran-Centered Community Health Clinical Experience in a Baccalaureate Nursing Program

Barbara E. Champlin, PhD, RN; Dorcas Elisabeth Kunkel, DNP, RN-PHN, APHN-BC

Journal of Nursing Education. 2017;56(3):186-190

Syllabus Selections: Innovative Learning Activities

Advanced Learning Experience With Pharmacological Case Studies

Kimberly Balko, PhD, RN; Lynn McNall, MS, RN, OCN; Jennifer Nettleton, MS

Journal of Nursing Education. 2017;56(3):191-192


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