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The Journal of Nursing Education is a monthly, peer-reviewed journal publishing original articles and new ideas for nurse educators in various types and levels of nursing programs for over 50 years. The Journal enhances the teaching-learning process, promotes curriculum development, and stimulates creative innovation and research in nursing education. Begin to explore the Journal and all of its great benefits such as:

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Past Issue
  • December 2010
  • Volume 49 · Issue 12
Guest Editorial

Are We Having an Identity Crisis?

Kathie Lasater, EdD, RN, ANEF

Journal of Nursing Education. 2010;49(12):663-664

Major Articles

A Mentor-Protégé Program for New Faculty, Part II: Stories of Mentors

Carol B. Wilson, PhD, RN; Jane Brannan, EdD, RN; Anne White, DSN, RN

Journal of Nursing Education. 2010;49(12):665-671

Ways of Seeing: Using the Visual Arts in Nursing Education

Judith Frei, MSN, RN; Sarah E. Alvarez, MA; Michelle B. Alexander, DNP, APN, ACNS-BC

Journal of Nursing Education. 2010;49(12):672-676

Embracing Multiculturalism in Nursing Learning Environments

Piri W. Ackerman-Barger, MSN

Journal of Nursing Education. 2010;49(12):677-682

Educational Innovations

Tailoring a Diabetes Nursing Elective Course to Millennial Students

Sharon Lee Strang, DNP, APRN, FNP-BC; Margaret Bagnardi, EdD, ARNP, CCRN; Sharon Williams, Utz, PhD, RN

Journal of Nursing Education. 2010;49(12):684-686

Graduate Nursing Online Orientation Course: Transitioning for Success

Ann K. Carruth, DNS, RN; Paula C. Broussard, DNS, RN, CNE; Valarie P. Waldmeier, PhD, FNP-BC, ANP-BC; Donna M. Gauthier, PhD, RN, CNE; Gina Mixon, RN, BS

Journal of Nursing Education. 2010;49(12):687-690

Teaching Research and Evidence-Based Practice Using a Service-Learning Approach

Karen Balakas, PhD, RN, CNE; Laurie Sparks, PhD, RN, CPNP

Journal of Nursing Education. 2010;49(12):691-695

An Interprofessional Service-Learning Course: Uniting Students Across Educational Levels and Promoting Patient-Centered Care

Marie Dacey, EdD; Judy I. Murphy, PhD, RN, CNE; Delia Castro Anderson, PhD; William W. McCloskey, PharmD

Journal of Nursing Education. 2010;49(12):696-699

Health Care for the Homeless: A Partnership Between a City and a School of Nursing

Karen Pennington, PhD, RN; Mary Jo Coast, PhD, RN; Maura Kroh, BS

Journal of Nursing Education. 2010;49(12):700-703

Preparing Underemployed Latino U.S. Nurses Through the Mexico NCLEX-RN Success Program

Josefina Lujan, PhD, RN; Kermit Little, PhD, RN

Journal of Nursing Education. 2010;49(12):704-707

The Role of the Medical Reserve Corps in Nursing Education

Joan M. Culley, PhD, MPH, RN, CWOCN

Journal of Nursing Education. 2010;49(12):708-711

Research Brief

Great Expectations: Points of Congruencies and Discrepancies Between Incoming Accelerated Second-Degree Nursing Students and Faculty

Margaret W. Beal, PhD, CNM; Patricia W. Underwood, PhD, RN, FAAN; Frances Rieth Ward, PhD, RN; Michele McKelvey, MSN, RN; Barbara Guthrie, PhD, RN, FAAN; Deborah Lindell, DNP, PHCNS-BC, CNE; Patricia D'Antonio, PhD, RN, FAAN

Journal of Nursing Education. 2010;49(12):713-717

Syllabus Selection: Innovative Learning Activity

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