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Past Issue
  • August 2008
  • Volume 47 · Issue 8
Major Article

Evaluation of the Outcome-Present State Test Model as a Way to Teach Clinical Reasoning

Robin Bartlett, PhD, RN-BC; Ann Bland, PhD, PMHARNP-BC; Eileen Rossen, PhD, RN; Donald Kautz, PhD, RN, CRRN-A; Susan Benfield, MSN, RN; Teresa Carnevale, MSN, RN

Journal of Nursing Education. 2008;47(8):337-344

Decision Making by Baccalaureate Nursing Students in the Clinical Setting

Pamela E. Baxter, PhD, RN; Sheryl Boblin, PhD, RN

Journal of Nursing Education. 2008;47(8):345-350

Training Nursing Students in Evidence-Based Techniques for Cognitive-Behavioral Pediatric Pain Management

Jill E. MacLaren, PhD; Lindsey L. Cohen, PhD; Kevin T. Larkin, PhD; Elisabeth N. Shelton, DNSc, RN, CNE

Journal of Nursing Education. 2008;47(8):351-358

Today’s Challenge, Tomorrow’s Excellence: the Practice of Evidence-Based Education

Roberta J. Emerson, PhD, RN; Kathie Records, PhD, RN

Journal of Nursing Education. 2008;47(8):359-370

Research Brief

Evaluation of Evidence-Based Methods Used to Teach Nursing Students to Critically Appraise Evidence

Hilde Smith-Strøm, MSc, RN; Monica W. Nortvedt, PhD, RN

Journal of Nursing Education. 2008;47(8):372-375

Educational Innovations

Teaching Undergraduate Nursing Research from an Evidence-Based Practice Perspective

Mary Ann Meeker, DNS, RN; Janice M. Jones, PhD, RN, CNS; Nancy A. Flanagan, PhD, RN

Journal of Nursing Education. 2008;47(8):376-379

Strategies for Learning Evidence-Based Practice: Critically Appraising Clinical Practice Guidelines

Joanne Singleton, PhD, RN, FNP-BC; Rona Levin, PhD, RN

Journal of Nursing Education. 2008;47(8):380-383

Syllabus Selection: Innovative Learning Activity

Evidenced-Based Education: Teaching Tools for Children

Karen LeDuc, MS, RN, CNS

Journal of Nursing Education. 2008;47(8):384-384

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