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The Journal of Nursing Education is a monthly, peer-reviewed journal publishing original articles and new ideas for nurse educators in various types and levels of nursing programs for over 50 years. The Journal enhances the teaching-learning process, promotes curriculum development, and stimulates creative innovation and research in nursing education. Begin to explore the Journal and all of its great benefits such as:

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Past Issue
  • February 2006
  • Volume 45 · Issue 2
Guest Editorial
Faculty Q&A

Faculty Q&A

Journal of Nursing Education. 2006;45(2):53-54

Faculty Forum

Reconceptualizing Program Outcomes

Cheryl D. Glennon, DNSc, RN

Journal of Nursing Education. 2006;45(2):55-58

Major Articles

A Case for Learning-Centered Curricula

Lori Candela, EdD, APN, CNE; Karla Dalley, PhD, RN; Jean Benzel-Lindley, PhD, RN

Journal of Nursing Education. 2006;45(2):59-66

Environments of Care: A Curriculum Model for Preparing a New Generation of Nurses

Naomi E. Ervin, PhD, APRN, BC, FAAN; Joan T. Bickes, MSN, APRN, BC; Stephanie Myers Schim, PhD, APRN, BC, CNAA

Journal of Nursing Education. 2006;45(2):75-80

Educational Innovations

Incorporating Quality Improvement Concepts and Practice into a Community Health Nursing Course

Karen H. Teeley, MS, RN, AHN-C; John M. Lowe, PhD; Judy Beal, DNSc, RN; Marian L. Knapp, MA

Journal of Nursing Education. 2006;45(2):86-90

Research Briefs

Use of Dimensional Analysis to Reduce Medication Errors

Sue Greenfield, PhD, RN; Barbara Whelan, MS, RN; Elizabeth Cohn, MS, RN

Journal of Nursing Education. 2006;45(2):91-94

Syllabus Selection

Service-Learning in Undergraduate Nursing Curricula

Deanna L. Reising, PhD, APRN, BC

Journal of Nursing Education. 2006;45(2):95

Reinforcing Fundamental Knowledge While Encouraging Students’ Artistic Expression

Margaret Maag, EdD, RN; Marsha Fonteyn, PhD, RN

Journal of Nursing Education. 2006;45(2):96

Group Test Review and Analysis: Learning Through Examination

Susan K. Steele, DNS, RN, AOCN

Journal of Nursing Education. 2006;45(2):95-96

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