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The Journal of Nursing Education is a monthly, peer-reviewed journal publishing original articles and new ideas for nurse educators in various types and levels of nursing programs for over 50 years. The Journal enhances the teaching-learning process, promotes curriculum development, and stimulates creative innovation and research in nursing education. Begin to explore the Journal and all of its great benefits such as:

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Past Issue
  • May 1994
  • Volume 33 · Issue 5

Preparing Students for Health Care Reform: An Innovative Approach for Teaching Leadership/Management

Dianne E Taylor, EdD, RN, CS; Christina B Barrick, MS, RN; Frances H Harrell, MS, RN

Journal of Nursing Education. 1994;33(5):230-232

Power and Health Care Reform

Gloria R Smith, RN, PhD, FAAN

Journal of Nursing Education. 1994;33(5):194-197

Single-Payer Versus Managed Competition: Implications for Nurses

Judith Shindul-Rothschild, PhD, RN, CS; Suzanne Gordon

Journal of Nursing Education. 1994;33(5):198-207

The Need for Significant Reform: A Practice Driven Approach to Curriculum

Martha L P MacLeOd, PhD, RN; Pat Farrell, MSc(A), RN

Journal of Nursing Education. 1994;33(5):208-214

Reforming Nursing Education for Future Practice

Marilyn Oermann, PhD, RN, FAAN

Journal of Nursing Education. 1994;33(5):215-219

University-College Collaboration: Rethinking Curriculum Development in Nursing Education

Marcia D Hills, PhD, RN; A Elizabeth Lindsey, PhD, RN; Molly Chisamore, MEd, RN; Joan Bassett-Smith, BSN, MN; Karen Abbott, RN, BScN, MA; Jacqueline Fournier-Chalmers, RN, BSN, MEd

Journal of Nursing Education. 1994;33(5):220-225

Empowering Faculty Through Intrapreneurship: A Change Model

Katherine E Nugent, PhD; Vickie A Lambert, DNSC, FAAN

Journal of Nursing Education. 1994;33(5):226-229

Clinical Strategies for Health Promotion

Lynette J Stockhausen, RN, DipTeach-Nsg, BEd-Nsg, MEd St

Journal of Nursing Education. 1994;33(5):232-235

Population-Oriented Nursing: Preparing Tomorrow's Nurses Today

Connie K Koch, EdD, RN; Judith W Maserang, PhD, RN

Journal of Nursing Education. 1994;33(5):236-237

Grant Writing: An Innovative Project for Teaching Community Health Program Planning

F Glick, RN, PhD; Marilyn G King, RN, DNSc

Journal of Nursing Education. 1994;33(5):238-240

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