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The Journal of Nursing Education is a monthly, peer-reviewed journal publishing original articles and new ideas for nurse educators in various types and levels of nursing programs for over 50 years. The Journal enhances the teaching-learning process, promotes curriculum development, and stimulates creative innovation and research in nursing education. Begin to explore the Journal and all of its great benefits such as:

•  Features including “Educational Innovations,” “Research Briefs,” and “Syllabus Selections”
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Past Issue
  • September 1983
  • Volume 22 · Issue 7

Focus on You

Rheba de Tornyay, RN, EdD, FAAN

Journal of Nursing Education. 1983;22(7):265


A Formula for Calculating Faculty Workload

Myrtle E Crawford, RN, MA; Gail Laing, RN, MScN; Marjorie Linwood, RN, BScN; Mavis Kyle, RN, MHSA; Audrey DeBlock, RN, MScN

Journal of Nursing Education. 1983;22(7):285-286

Faculty Peer Review: An Evolving Process

Dorothy Allbritten, RN-C, MSN, PNP; Mary Erickson Megel, RN, MSN, MEd; Kathleen A Buckley, RN, CNM, MS; M Rose Carmel Scalone, RSM, RN, CNM, MPH; Smriti Panwar, RN, EdD

Journal of Nursing Education. 1983;22(7):296-299


Patterns of Job Search and Mobility Among Nurse Educators

Elizabeth R Lenz, RN, PhD; Carolyn F Waltz, RN, PhD, FAAN

Journal of Nursing Education. 1983;22(7):267-273

Deans in Nursing: How Do They See Their Future?

Beverly A Hall, RN, PhD; Rheba de Tornyay, RN, EdD, FAAN; Betty K Mitsunaga, RN, PhD, FAAN

Journal of Nursing Education. 1983;22(7):274-277

Relationships Between Faculty Evaluations and Faculty Development

Warren E Lacefield, PhD; Richard D Kingston, PhD, DMD

Journal of Nursing Education. 1983;22(7):278-284

Revamping the Peer Review Process

Claire N Brannigan, RN, MS; Janet Z Burson, RD, MS

Journal of Nursing Education. 1983;22(7):287-289

Models in Administration and the Dean's Exercise of Power and Leadership

Caroline H Hollshwandner, RN, PhD

Journal of Nursing Education. 1983;22(7):289-291

Confessions of a Nursing Instructor

Judyth A Clarkson, RN, MSN

Journal of Nursing Education. 1983;22(7):295-296

The Nurse As Grievance Officer

Robert E Leftwich, RN, PhD

Journal of Nursing Education. 1983;22(7):301-303

Surviving Faculty Abuse

John R Phillips, RN, PhD

Journal of Nursing Education. 1983;22(7):303-305

Due Process in Academic Dismissals

Linda Muh Spink, RN, MS

Journal of Nursing Education. 1983;22(7):305-306

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