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Mobile Fitness App for Older Adults

SilverSneakers® launched SilverSneakers GOTM, a mobile fitness application (app) that fits the goals, preferences, and lifestyles of active adults. With workout programs designed for older adults, SilverSneakers GO unlocks access to a library of guided exercises and activities created by trained SilverSneakers instructors to motivate users and help them achieve fitness goals.

In addition, the app provides animated GIFs and videos with step-by-step instructions on how to perform recommended exercises. SilverSneakers GO offers the option to modify exercise difficulty based on one's ability to complete a suggested exercise. Members can also plan/schedule activities, log comments about their workouts, and keep track of progress and mood to help establish and maintain a regular exercise routine.

Highlighted program features include strength, flexibility, and walking programs customized for beginner, intermediate, and advanced users; ability to schedule workouts and activities with in-app reminders; and easy workout modifications.

Source.“SilverSneakers Introduces SilverSneakers GO, Innovative Mobile Fitness App Designed Exclusively for Seniors” (2018, October 17). Retrieved November 6, 2018, from

Social Wellness App Helps Older Adults Remain Healthy and Connected to Their Communities

LiSA, developed by Cuida Health, is a social wellness application designed for older adults. LiSA helps users learn about community activities, connect with friends and family, and engage in healthy living, solely through voice interaction.

In addition, LiSA allows older adults to send and receive text messages and announcements from their community completely hands-free; check for local events and activities; receive health coaching about nutrition, medication, sleep, and exercise; and receive daily bursts of information such as health tips, technical tips, history, and more. LiSA was pilot-tested in a nonprofit virtual village of individuals ages ≥50 over a period of 4 months, with the testing group retaining 90% of its members.

Source.“Meet LiSA, The First Voice-Based Social Wellness App For Seniors” (2018, October 23). Retrieved November 6, 2018, from



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