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Company Expands Clinical Trials for Alzheimer’s

TauRx Therapeutics Ltd., a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company that has developed a tau aggregation inhibitor treatment for Alzheimer’s disease (AD), has expanded its international clinical trials by adding 35 new research centers across the United States.

The company’s second-generation tau aggregation inhibitor, LMTX™, is currently in global Phase III clinical trials for AD and frontotemporal dementia. LMTX targets aggregates of abnormal fibers of tau protein that form inside nerve cells in the brain, giving rise to tau tangles.

The main purpose of TauRx’s Phase III clinical research studies is to evaluate the effects of LMTX on slowing or halting the progression of AD.

The expansion of research centers means that eligible patients in areas such as Bennington, Vermont; Farmington Hills, Michigan; Waukesha, Wisconsin; and Creve Coeur, Missouri can also participate in the studies.

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B-Shoe Footwear Helps Seniors Maintain Balance, Avoid Falls

B-Shoe is a standard-looking walking shoe that detects when older adults are losing their balance and are about to fall. It then automatically drives one leg slightly backwards to prevent the fall.

Using ultralight components, B-Shoe’s balancing mechanism incorporates insole pressure sensors, a driving mechanism, a rechargeable battery, a microprocessor, and a proprietary smart algorithm. The company was established in 2011 by a team of experienced engineers and physicians in the fields of orthopedics and neurology, and since then, B-Shoe has been able to develop prototypes and conduct verification and validation testing in a gait laboratory with excellent results.

The company has launched a crowd funding project at to help fully develop B-Shoe’s products.

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Adjustable Corner Shower Seat Helps Reduce Fear of Falling

For many older adults, the fear of falling makes them reluctant to perform certain daily living activities, including showering. A solution for overcoming this fear of falling in the shower is the new Ableware® Adjustable Corner Shower Seat, which provides a safe, stable seat while showering.

Conveniently sized to fit into corners and small spaces, the seat increases shower safety and helps boost confidence and independence. When sitting with the legs astride one of the corners, the user has easier access to his or her feet. This is especially useful for individuals with diabetes who need to monitor their feet continually.

In addition to the older adult population, the corner seat is also ideal for anyone with a lower extremity injury or disability that prevents weight bearing on the legs, researchers said. The seat is height adjustable from 40.6 cm to 58.4 cm, and the legs can be easily adjusted in 0.64-cm increments. In addition, they have non-slip rubber tips that hold the bench securely in place and are removable for easy transport and storage.

The seat has a weight capacity of 136.4 kg, and the suggested retail price is $56.95.

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