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New System Automates Management of Beds for In-Patient Admissions Teams

Advanced Data Systems Corp. (ADS) has announced the release of Medics BedManager, a comprehensive and intuitive software solution that automates the management of beds for health care in-patient admissions teams.

BedManager is designed for flexibility. Its single view window enables users to see the following at a glance:

  • real-time status of beds occupied, including the patient’s name and gender;
  • bed size, type, and location, including the room and floor numbers; and
  • patient/client treatment program, if applicable.

As a bed’s status is updated in the system, the update information is immediately viewable by users across the enterprise in real time. A built-in report generator provides bed management reports, data, and graphics.

BedManager also handles automatic charge posting at time of discharge, ensuring claims and billing are ready to submit immediately and accurately.

Medics BedManager is available as a feature with ADS’ MedicsPremier ICD-10 compliant practice management system. It is also available as a stand-alone application for integration with other systems.

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RF Technologies® Releases New Fall Management Solution Products

RF Technologies® has announced the release of new products for their Sensatec® Fall Management Solution.

The restraint-free solution monitors patients or residents at risk of falling. Newly launched products include foldable bed and chair sensor pads, a toilet sensor pad, and a seat belt sensor.

The foldable sensor pads and seat belt sensors connect to Sensatec alarm units to alert staff if an at-risk patient or resident tries to get up without assistance. When a sensor is triggered as a result of a patient or resident attempting to get up without assistance, an alarm sounds at the alarm unit.

The new products are made with non-slip, latex-free material. Pads include a protective connector plug.

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