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$1.7M Grant Awarded to Develop Alzheimer’s Drug

Oligomerix, Inc., a privately held company pioneering the development of disease-modifying therapeutics for Alzheimer’s disease (AD) and related neurodegenerative disorders, announced the receipt of a 2-year Small Business Innovation Research Phase IIB grant for $1.7 million from the National Institutes of Health, National Institute on Aging.

The proceeds from this grant will be used to extend the company’s research for the development of small molecule drugs aimed specifically at inhibiting tau aggregation at the earliest steps of tau self-association into toxic oligomers in neurons. This approach may be effective in reducing extracellular tau oligomers, including dimers and trimers that have recently been reported to be involved in the spread of tau pathology and to impair memory formation in animal models of AD. A drug that reduces tau oligomer levels may lead to both an improvement in memory and a slowing or complete suspension of disease progression in AD patients and would therefore be a disease-modifying therapeutic.

Source. “Oligomerix Awarded Phase IIB Grant from the NIH to Discover Drugs that Inhibit Alzheimer’s Disease Progression.” (2013, September 10). Retrieved September 19, 2013, from

Improved Orthosis Features Non-Slip Sole

DM Systems has redesigned and revealed Heelift® AFO, a unique ankle foot orthosis (AFO) designed to offload the heel while also providing superior foot drop support. Having introduced the first heel offloading boot of its kind, the Heelift Suspension Boot, DM Systems has established a reputation as a global leader in the prevention and treatment of heel pressure ulcers. DM has applied that expertise to the traditional AFO, producing a softer, gentler solution. A smooth fabric cover and forefoot strap help keep the boot in place by allowing the boot to move with the patient while the patient is in bed.

A non-slip sole allows patients to walk short distances (preferably with assistance), meaning the boot does not have to be removed and reapplied each time the patient is transferred from the bed or wheelchair.

Along with its offloading capabilities, Heelift AFO is indicated for:

  • Use as a comfortable night splint.
  • Treatment/prevention of plantar flexion contracture.
  • Treatment of plantar fasciitis.
  • Treatment/prevention of foot drop deformity.
  • Treatment of Achilles tendonitis.

More information about the Heelift AFO and related products can be accessed from

Source. DM Systems. (2013). DM Systems Introduces Heelift® AFO [Press release]. Evanston, IL: Author.


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