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The Journal of Gerontological Nursing is a monthly, peer-reviewed journal publishing clinically relevant original articles on the practice of gerontological nursing across the continuum of care in a variety of health care settings, for more than 40 years. Begin to explore the Journal and all of its great benefits such as::

• Sections including “Geropharmacology,” “Person-Centered Care,” “Public Policy,” and “Technology Innovations”
• Evidence-based practice guidelines published three times per year
• Access to current articles, as well as several years of archived content
• Manuscripts posted online just 2 months after acceptance

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Past Issue
  • December 2012
  • Volume 38 · Issue 12
Guest Editorial

Empowering Grandparent Caregivers

Gloria F. Carr, PhD, RN; Lin Zhan, PhD, RN, FAAN

Journal of Gerontological Nursing. 2012;38(12):3-4

Thank You to Reviewers

2011–2012 Reviewers

Journal of Gerontological Nursing. 2012;38(12):5

Product News

Product News

Journal of Gerontological Nursing. 2012;38(12):7



Journal of Gerontological Nursing. 2012;38(12):8-9

Letters to the Editor

Questions About Medication Management

Darcy Mize, MSN, RN-BC

Journal of Gerontological Nursing. 2012;38(12):10-11

Clinical Concepts

Recognizing Hospital-Acquired Disability among Older Adults

Mary Cadogan, DrPH, RN, GNP-BC; Sarah D'Ambruoso, MA, BSN, RN-BC

Journal of Gerontological Nursing. 2012;38(12):12-15

Public Policy

Long-Term Care in the United States and Finland: Policy Lessons to be Learned

Pia Markkanen, ScD; Lisa M. Abdallah, PhD, RN, CNE; A. James Lee, PhD; Ramraj Gautam, PhD

Journal of Gerontological Nursing. 2012;38(12):16-21

CNE Article

Caring for Older Adults with Mild Cognitive Impairment: An Update for Nurses

Feng Lin, PhD, RN; David E. Vance, PhD, MGS; Carey E. Gleason, PhD, MS; Susan M. Heidrich, PhD, RN

Journal of Gerontological Nursing. 2012;38(12):22-35

CNE Quiz

CNE Quiz

Journal of Gerontological Nursing. 2012;38(12):36-37

Feature Article

Whom Do Veteran Nursing Home Residents Prefer to Talk to About Satisfaction With Care?: Implications for Nursing Staff

Daniel W. Durkin, PhD; Sheila P. Umayam, RN; Nichole Sims, BS; Patrick Cleeton, BA; Sandra F. Simmons, PhD

Journal of Gerontological Nursing. 2012;38(12):38-45


Human-Animal Interaction and Older Adults

Gretchen K.M. Carlisle, MEd, RN

Journal of Gerontological Nursing. 2012;38(12):54-56

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