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The Journal of Gerontological Nursing is a monthly, peer-reviewed journal publishing clinically relevant original articles on the practice of gerontological nursing across the continuum of care in a variety of health care settings, for more than 40 years. Begin to explore the Journal and all of its great benefits such as::

• Sections including “Geropharmacology,” “Person-Centered Care,” “Public Policy,” and “Technology Innovations”
• Evidence-based practice guidelines published three times per year
• Access to current articles, as well as several years of archived content
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Past Issue
  • September 2007
  • Volume 33 · Issue 9
Guest Editorial

Your Choice: Documentation or Litigation?

Lawrence H. Plawecki, RN, JD, LLM; Henry M. Plawecki, RN, PhD

Journal of Gerontological Nursing. 2007;33(9):3-4

Technology Innovations

Attitudes Toward Videotelephones: An Exploratory Study of Older Adults with Depression

Antonia Arnaert, PhD, MPA, MSN, RN; Jenny Klooster, MSc, BA, RN; Virginia Chow, MA

Journal of Gerontological Nursing. 2007;33(9):5-13


Pilot Project: The Chronic Pain Diary: Assessing Chronic Pain in the Nursing Home Population

Kathy K. Hager, DNP, CFNP, CDE; Dorothy Brockopp, PhD, RN

Journal of Gerontological Nursing. 2007;33(9):14-19

CE Article

Predictors of Mortality Following Involuntary Interinstitutional Relocation

Ann Laughlin, PhD, RN; Mary Parsons, PhD, RN; Karl D. Kosloski, PhD; Brenda Bergman-Evans, PhD, APRN, BC

Journal of Gerontological Nursing. 2007;33(9):20-26



Journal of Gerontological Nursing. 2007;33(9):27

Feature Article

Knowing the Resident with Dementia: Perspectives of Assisted Living Facility Caregivers

Joyce Rasin, PhD, RN; Donald D. Kautz, PhD, RN

Journal of Gerontological Nursing. 2007;33(9):30-36

Women’s Views of Caring for Family Members: Use of Respite Care

Sirpa Salin, MNSc, RN; Päivi Åstedt-Kurki, PhD, RN

Journal of Gerontological Nursing. 2007;33(9):37-45

Spaced Retrieval for Enhancing Memory: Implications for Nursing Practice and Research

David E. Vance, PhD, MGS; Kenneth F. Farr, MS, APRN, BC

Journal of Gerontological Nursing. 2007;33(9):46-52

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