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Posture Support

Total Care introduces a posture support designed to assist with drooping shoulders and poor posture. The very comfortable, innovative design has large back pad and soft straps. Adjustment is easy with hook and loop closure. One size fits all.

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Disposable Biological Test Pack

Proof Dual-Pack™ from AMSCO/ Medical Products Division is a preassembled, disposable biological challenge pack for testing either steam or ethylene oxide sterilizers. Proof DualPack's unique design makes it the only preassembled biological test pack that can be used to test either steam or gas cycles.

Because Proof Dual-Pack is ready to use, it eliminates the inconsistencies that can be associated with the assembly of conventional packs. Included in Proof Dual-Pack is a Proof Plus® selfcontained biological indicator. The Proof Plus indicator features a large, clear vial, vivid color change, a built-in indicator and fast readout of results.

Thorough testing by AMSCO has proven that the Proof Dual-Pack Biological Challenge Test provides the same survival/kill response as the Association for Advancement of Medical Instrumentation (AAMI) Steam and Ethylene Oxide recommended challenge test packs.

Proof Dual-Pack joins Proof Plus, Proof Flash® and a line of Proof Incubators to complete the Proof System of biological testing products. The complete Proof* System allows AMSCO to meet the sterility monitoring needs of all customers.

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Press-and-Seal Tape

A patented hypoallergenic tape that properly anchors indwelling urinary catheters and other drainage tubing and permits repeated changes without constantly retaping the patient is available from M. C. Johnson Co, Ine of Leominster, Massachusetts.

CATH-SECURE® is a hypoallergenic tape with a press-and-seal center tab that wraps around the tubing and reseals to securely hold it in place. Eliminating the need to constantly retape the patient for simple treatments, changes, or irrigations, the tab can be opened and closed repeatedly without any discomfort.

Ideal for use with indwelling urinary catheters, gastrostomy tubing, leg bags, male catheters, and jejunostomy, prostatectomy, and urinary diversion nighttime drainage tubing, CATHSECURE® is designed to prevent the obstruction of urine flow and comes with a 2'/2-in center tab (product #5445) and a 3-in tab (#5545-3).

CATH-SECURE® is packaged in boxes of 50 in both sizes. A trial kit of 25 is offered; literature is available on request.

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Tiltable Bath

The Cimare Corporation has introduced the Easy-Access Bathing System. The Clinare Bath is designed to allow easy bather entry by tilting to an upright position, eliminating the need for anxiety-causing lifts. Once in the unit, the bather is smoothly and gently reclined to a comfortable and natural bathing position. The specially contoured shape provides maximum water coverage while using less water per bath. The cutaway seat area facilitates increased water circulation in the perineal area insuring complete patient bathing. The portable, free-standing design allows the bathing attendant 360° of patient access at a convenient working height. A single, easy-to-operate lever controls all functions by utilizing tap water pressure. Electricity is required only with models equipped with the optional whirlpool package. The whirlpool package includes two or four jets and allows for complete disinfection of the whirlpool system.

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Security Strap

Rene Industries, Inc introduces the versatile SECURITY STRAP™.

The SECURITY STRAP™ is a permanently bonded, back-to-back Velcro® strap that attaches to itself. The reusable, soft, and nonirritating nylon strap can be used directly against the skin, eliminating tape burns.

It is ideal for emergency and daily securing of limbs, tubings, cords, bandages, and packs. It is available in 5yard rolls of l'/a-in tan loop with l-in orange hook.

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Quilted Terry Underpads

Dundee has added two premium quilted knit terry underpads to its line of healthcare products for the incontinent.

Both underpads are cut full size and constructed from materials especially chosen for the dual merits of comfort and long life. The outer layer is constructed from luxurious knit terry, the same material used in the premium line of baby diapers. It is known for its softness and absorbency.

The knit terry is quilted in an onionskin pattern that relieves stress along the stitch lines to a soft, extra-absorbent, needle punch felt. The combination of quilted materials produces a thick, soft cushion that may help prevent the formation of decubiti.

The last layer is made of Dundee's own waterproof material, BARIG ARD™, the best and most durable barrier available on the market. It will not become brittle and remains waterproof with pressure up to 100 lbs per square inch.

The addition of quilting not only provides greater patient comfort, but increases the life of the underpad because of decreased abrasion in the wash cycle.

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Spirometry System

The DATAMITE 5- A, complete with sophisticated yet comprehensive parameters including precision inspiratory and expiratory flow volume loops, is available for $3995.

Each DATAMITE 5-A is a completely portable spirometry system for office-to-office testing, incorporating FVC, FVL, and MVV parameters, pediatric standards with pre- vs postbronchodilator comparisons and interpretations.

The new memory option allows storage of up to 200 patient tests, which can be recalled even after the system has been previously turned off. Prior tests, data, point-plots, even interpretations are now easily accessed without the need for a personal computer or floppy disks. Testing data from the office, industrial, and OSHA internal programs are quickly transferred through an ASCII port directory (or via modem) to any computer nearby or remote.

All JONES systems use legal size graphs and meet the recommendations of ACCP, ATS, and NIOSH cotton dust criteria, qualifying for social security and disability evaluation.

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Posture Support

Total Care introduces a posture support designed to assist with drooping shoulders and poor posture. The very comfortable, innovative design has large back pad and soft straps. Adjustment is easy with hook and loop closure. One size fits all.

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