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New products and programs designed to aid the gerontological nurse in caring j 'or clients


New products and programs designed to aid the gerontological nurse in caring j 'or clients


Convaid Products, Inc. has introduced a folding chair with wheels that is designed to be portable, unlike most conventional wheelchairs. The 21 lb. companion chair is made of steel-reinforced aluminum tube and can support 200 lbs. Standard features include 8" wheels, shielded bearings, independently adjustable swing-away footplates, and flip-up armrests. A seat belt is optional. The chair will fold to the size of a small golf bag.

For more information contact: Convaid Products, Inc., P.O. Box 2731, Palos Verdes, CA 90274. 213/ 539-6814.


AMSCO now provides a sink module designed for use at medication or nutrition stations in health care facilities. The Unicell sink module includes a stainless-steel sink and work surface.

Two storage compartments with stainless-steel interiors are located above the work area, which has an integral sink, full-height back and end splashes, and a counter with a marine edge. A fluorescent light is attached to the underside of the storage compartments. A utility cell on the left side of the unit houses the sink and plumbing connections, while the open area on the right side of the unit is large enough for an additional storage cell or small refrigerator. The metal access panel, which contains two 120-volt, 15-amp, hospital-grade outlets with individual circuit breaker protection, can be used as a message board. Paper towel dispensers and instant hot water dispensers are optional.

The sink may be grouped with a medication module to become an expandable, customized medicine station, with a double-lock narcotics locker, a security wall lock, and a "door unlocked" warning light. The module also may be grouped with an optional under-counter refrigerator to become an expandable, customized nutrition area.

For details and descriptive literature contact: AMSCO/ American Sterilizer Company, Marketing Communications Department, 2425 W. 23rd Street, Erie, PA 165 14. 814/452-3100.


Medpro, Inc. has developed the Soft-Touch water flotation mattress to help prevent and treat decubitus ulcers by reducing pressure on the patient's bony prominences. The mattress also helps reduce skintissue temperature to reduce the metabolic demand of the tissue. Perspiration is curtailed and the possibility of skin maceration is reduced.

The blue vinyl mattress may be filled with any garden-type utility hose or its optional filler hose; it contains its own antimicrobial. A repair kit is included with each mattress, which weighs only six pounds unfilled. The 32" ? 68" size is made to fit atop any hospital bed mattress. Its baffled construction reduces water motion so that patients do not get dizzy or nauseous.

For additional information contact: Medpro, Inc., 275 Highway 18, East Brunswick, NJ 08816. 201/2381444.


Oregon State University is now marketing "Families and Aging: Dilemmas and Decisions," an education game developed and tested by gerontological experts at the university. The game can be used with students and health care workers to provide a greater understanding of family dynamics and decision making in late life and to give a basis for working more effectively with families. It can be used with families to provide a nonthreatening way to express concerns, fears, and questions about aging relatives and to gain insight into the behavior of other family members.

Players are challenged to look at their values and attitudes, to see issues from the view of various family members by playing their roles, and to consider how decisions affect them and others. With each toss of the die, a player moves the appropriate number of squares on the game board and draws a corresponding card from stacks marked Health, Money, Relationships, Living Arrangements, Parent-Child Relations, Death, and Dialogue. The player analyzes the situation, considers the alternatives, and makes a decision. When a Dialogue card is drawn, players are assigned roles and act out a family situation described on the card.

The optimum number of players is four to six, but fewer or more may play. A large group may observe a small group playing but contribute to the discussion. Thirty minutes are needed to achieve maximum benefit from the game but play may extend over two hours if all cards are used. Postgame discussion permits further exchange of ideas, clarification of information, and skill building.

For further information contact: Oregon State University Extension, Agricultural Fiscal and Personnel Office, 136 Agriculture Hall, Oregon State University, Corvallis, OR 97331.


Mettler Electronics has introduced the solid-state Sonicator 706, a powerful and lightweight ultrasound therapy unit. Digital power and timing metering circuits allow precise and reproducible treatments.

The unit can be operated in the continuous or pulsed wave mode, and is anatomically designed to be held comfortably. Direct contact between the transmission element and the patient provides efficient energy usage.

For information and literature contact: Mettler Electronics, 1333 S. Claudina Street, Anaheim, CA 92805. 714/533-2221.


Support Systems International now manufactures the Clinitron unit, a support system that consists of a 12" deep rectangular tank containing 1600 lbs. of silicone-coated glass beads smaller than grains of salt. Compressed air blows through the mass and through a porous sheet on which the patient lies. Because of upward air flow, body contact is reduced, improving capillary flow and eliminating shear and friction. The air flow keeps the patient's skin warm and dry, providing optimum conditions for healing of burns, wounds, grafts, and decubiti.

Since healing is accelerated, patients may be more comfortable and cooperative, thus reducing their need for narcotics /sedatives. Positioning is eased and turning schedules can be reduced.

For more details contact: Support Systems International, Inc., 4349 Corporate Road, Charleston, SC 29405. 803/747-8002.


Rolf Darbo, a Madison, Wisconsin inventor, has designed a speedy tablet dispenser especially for nitroglycerin tablets. The Heart Saver, designed with the aid of a cardiologist, is a spring-loaded device that can inject a nitroglycerin tablet into the mouth in three seconds. The unit, which can be used with only one hand, is the size of a fountain pen.

For more details contact: Rolf Darbo, P.O. Box 2158, Madison, WI 53701. 608/271-8034.


United, Division of Howmedica, has published an article detailing the results of two wound management studies conducted at a Canadian hospital. The study outlines the saving in cost and nursing time between traditional gauze treatment and the pouching technique. Included are costs per application, costs per year, and total annual savings. AU study elements are diagrammed for easy reference.

For a free copy of the study contact: United, Division of Howmedica, Department 131, P.O. Box 1970, Largo, FL 33540.


The gerontological staff of the Lincoln Medical Education Foundation have prepared six gerontological education programs: Aging - It's Human Nature, Let's Communicate, We Are Human, Integrating Multidisciplinary Perspectives, Preparing to Work in a Health Care Facility, and Managing in a Health Care Environment.

These programs are geared to people working with the aged in any health care capacity and at any level. Some of the programs are self-study and some are designed to be used in workshops or classes.

For a pamphlet describing the programs in detail contact: Lincoln Medical Education Foundation, Lincoln Area Health Education Center, 4600 Valley Road, Lincoln, NE 68510.


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