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New products and programs designed to aid the gerontological nurse in caring for clients


New products and programs designed to aid the gerontological nurse in caring for clients


The Patient Care Division of Johnson & Johnson Products, Inc., has introduced Bioelusive transparent dressing, a sterile, adhesivecoated film dressing for I.V. sites, hyperalimentation sites, superficial ulcers, and skin graft donor sites. This dressing also may be used to protect the skin around a stoma or to help prevent skin breakdown that could lead to pressure sores.

This transparent film allows continuous monitoring of the wound or venipuncture site without lifting or removing the dressing and protects against bacterial contamination, reducing the risk of secondary infection. Although impermeable to external fluids so that the patient may be bathed, it is permeable to moisture vapor and oxygen and permits the skin to breathe. It helps prevent dehydration and encourages epidermal healing. Bioelusive adheres firmly to clean, dry skin, but not to moist wound surfaces. It is hypoallergenic and conforms over irregular surfaces.

The dressing is designed for easy, aseptic application. Thumb notches facilitate the separation of the adhesive film from its backing; the nonadhesive perforated tabs can be torn off - no scissors are needed. This dressing is available in four sizes: 2″ x 2 ¼″ 4″ x 4 ½; 4″ x 10 ½; and 8″ x 10 ½.

For further information contact: Patient Care Division, Johnson & Johnson Products, Inc., New Brunswick, NJ 08903, Dept. JH526PC. 800/526-2459 or 800/3524845.


American Pharmaseal has introduced an invasive pressure monitoring system designed for safe, efficient monitoring of arterial, pulmonary artery, and right atrial pressure (CVP).

All units are preconnected. Components are available separately or in 10 standard kits. Custom kits also can be ordered.

Standard kit components include a continuous flush device that permits a fast flush (40cc per minute) with a simple, one-handed squeeze and clear stopcocks with a light blue tint for air bubble visibility.

Also available are high-pressure tubing, a micro-drip IV set with filter, standard or custom manifolds, and the Manifold II, a device designed specifically for monitoring multiple pressures.

For more details contact: American Pharmaseal, Medical/Surgical Division, P.O. Box 1300, Glendale, CA 91209.


Gaymar Industries Inc., has introduced a soft heat therapy pad made of soft, 8 mil vinyl material that is used with recirculating water pumps. The pad conforms to the extremities and may be folded in various sizes without restricting water flow. The soft surface helps provide more effective heat transfer with maximum patient comfort.

The heat therapy T-pad is available in three sizes, with vinyl and vinyl and non-woven surfaces.

For complete information, contact: Gaymar Industries, Inc., One Bank Street, Orchard Park, NY 14127. 800/828-7341 or 726/6622551.


Whitestone Products now manufactures reusable MaxiShield pants and disposable MaxiShield pads. The reusable pants are made of strong, elastic Helanca yarn knitted into a light, soft honeycomb mesh that allows sensitive skin to breathe freely through hundreds of airholes. The pants are machine washable, and dry quickly. They stay snug without tapes or snaps. Available sizes are small (under 90 lbs), medium (90 to 180 lbs) and large (over 180 lbs).

The disposable pads, made of absorbent "fluff" cellulose with moisture-proof polyethylene backing, are available in two sizes - "regular" for daytime or mildincontinent conditions and "super" for nighttime or severe incontinence. Both sizes are designed to be worn comfortably inside Maxi Shield pants without showing through clothing. The pads are packaged in color-coded bags to facilitate identification and inventory control.

For further information contact: Whitestone Products, 40 Turner Place, Piscataway, NJ 08854. 201/752-2700.


EPSCO Planning Services Corporation has introduced Program Plans, two series of pretested monthly programs for staff development. One series, Nursing Basic, is for health care aides. The other, Nursing Management, is for staff involved in the management of patient care services.

The series are designed to aid administrators and inservice educators in health care facilities with their inservice training. Each program features relevant topics with interactive teaching methods including diagrams, intergroup activities, and discussion. A summary sheet, which is handed out to participants for review, serves as a base for further discussion. The programs meet state and JCAH requirements.

For more information contact: EPSCO, Educational Planning Services Corporation, Box 182, Newton Highlands, MA 02161. 617/964-9509.


Scherer Laboratories has formulated a hand lotion with high concentrations of pure aloe vera gel, a natural moisturizing agent. Aloe Derm hand lotion is not greasy, so clinical personnel may handle instruments and have normal patient contact immediately after using it. The lotion comes in a 12 oz. bottle with a flip-up dispenser top.

For further details and samples, contact: Scherer Laboratories, Inc., P.O. Box 400009, Dallas, TX 75240.


Randall-Midwest Company now provides the Side-Arms crutch brackets, which can be installed on crutches, using existing crutch holes, to hold books, clothing, purses, or packages.

The brackets are constructed of durable, heavy-gauge steel and covered with a non-slip plastic coating to help grip articles. It folds flat when not in use and can be removed easily when no longer needed. The crutch attachments are packaged individually.

For additional information contact: Randall-Midwest Co., 9741 James Avenue South, Bloomington, MN 55431.


American Hospitex now offers Econcept limited-use cubicle curtains and draperies, designed to enhance infection control and eliminate reprocessing. The curtains are made of Confil, a non-woven fabric with a cloth-like texture that reduces cross-contamination in high risk areas such as the ER, CCU, ICU, oncology, isolation and burn units, and physical therapy.

The disposable curtains are lightweight and flame retardant. Matching draperies are available for a coordinated look.

For more details contact: American Hospitex, Division of American Hospital Supply Corporation, One American Plaza, Evanston, IL 60201.


Skil-Care Corporation now supplies the Model #3003 security poncho that is designed to prevent patients from sliding out of wheelchairs by providing position control at the chest, lap, and crotch. The one-piece garment comes with a removable, urineproof crotch piece cover for the incontinent patient. The fabric is wash-andwear polyester doubleknit and is available in two sizes - smallmedium for patients under 170 lbs and medium-large for patients over 170 lbs.

For further information contact: Skil-Care Corporation, 540 Nepperhan Avenue, Yonkers, NY 10701. 800/431-2972 or 914/963-2040 collect.


Pacific Health Resources has introduced systematic services to help hospitals recruit and retain nurses. Each service is modularized to function independently to meet immediate and specific needs, as well as to fit together into a full systematic process.

Pacific's approach is comprised of consulting and educational services aimed at fulfilling the objectives of quality patient care, advancing the profession of nursing, preparing nurses for supervisory roles, implementing contemporary theories of nursing, retaining nurses through more open communication, and continually examining, evaluating, and solving problems before they materialize.

Services include planning, organizing, and controlling the nurses', environment, nursing recruitment, performance standards and staffing requirements, nursing manager development, hospital benefit and incentive programs, and work life enrichment.

For more inormation contact: Pacific Health Resources. 1423 So. Grand Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90015. 213/742-6321.


Sweetheart Plastics, Inc. has introduced a new serving system for hospitals and nursing homes that keeps hot foods hot and cold foods cold while meals are in transit from the kitchen to the patient.

The main component of the system is the serving cart, which is made of plastic molded into a onepiece body that includes a wraparound bumper. Stainless steel mesh doors open on all sides. A recessed shelf on the top side of the cart holds insulated beverage containers for hot or cold liquids.

The second component of the system is the TempTray, a 14" ? 18" plastic tray that contains two heattransfer areas, one for the entree and one for hot soup or cereal. When activated by pushbuttons on the cart, which holds 24 trays, the heating elements maintain hot food at the FDA-recommended 140° to 160°F.

The entire system is run on a rechargeable battery that provides enough energy for three daily meals. If trays are inserted the wrong way, a flashing light alerts the server. The lights also flash when the tray is removed as a reminder to turn the power off. The system is available in a motorized or manual model.

For additional details contact: Sweetheart Plastics, Inc., One Burlington Avenue, Wilmington, MA 01887. 617/729-7300.


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