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ANA Division on Gerontological Nursing Practice Executive Committee


ANA Division on Gerontological Nursing Practice Executive Committee

Sylvia H. Srhraff. Chairperson

Sylvia H. Schraff, BSN, is Executive Director, Home Nursing Agency of Blair County, Pennsylvania. She holds a diploma in nursing from the Altoona Hospital School of Nursing and received her BS degree from Pennsylvania State University. She is currently President of Sigma Theta Tau, Beta Sigma Chapter.

Eldonna M. Shields

Eldonna M. Shields, MSN, most recently served as Director of Nursing, Shields Nursing Clinic, Inc., Lorain, Ohio and is currently teaching at the University of Akron School of Nursing, Akron, Ohio. She received her BSN from Ohio State University School of Nursing, Columbus, Ohio and her MSN from Duke University Graduate School, Durham, North Carolina. She is currently Chairperson, Executive Committee, Gerontological Nursing Practice Assembly, Ohio Nurses' Association. Among her many past outstanding activities is her work on the Standards Committee, Division of Geriatric Nursing Practice, American Nurses' Association, 1974-1976.

Patricia Lentsch

Patricia Lentsch, BS, MPH, is Instructor, Public Health Nursing, School of Public Health, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, Minnesota. She received her BS in nursing from the College of St. Catherine, St. Paul, Minnesota. Her MPH was awarded by the University of Minnesota, School of Public Health. She serves as a Geriatric Certification Board Member on the Division of Geriatric Nursing Practice.

Carolyn Oglesby Doherty

Carolyn Oglesby Doherty, MEd, is Director of Nursing, Glen Gardner Center for Geriatrics, Glen Gardner, New Jersey. She holds a diploma of nursing from Pottstown Hospital School of Nursing and a BS from West Chester State College. She received her MEd from Temple University, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She is an active person on a variety of committees and is currently serving as a Chairperson on the Geriatric Division, NJSNA.

Sally A. Buseck

Sally A. Buseck, BSN, MPH, MSEd, PhD, is Chairman, Graduate Division, Erie Institute for Nursing, Edinboro State College, Edinboro, Pennsylvania. Her PhD was awarded to her by the University of Pittsburgh, where she also received both her MPH and BSN. She received her MSEd from the University of Pennsylvania. She served as project director of the American Nurses' Association's "Training of Registered Nurses Providing Patient Care in Nursing Homes." She currently serves on the Board of Trustees, St. Mary's Home, Erie, Pennsylvania.

Jane E. Jones

Jane E. Jones, MN, is Clinical Associate, Department of Physiological Nursing, University of Washington School of Nursing, Seattle, Washington. She holds a BS, RN from Loma Linda University, Loma Linda, California and a MN from the University of Washington, Seattle, Washington. She served as a Stroke Nurse Specialist, Washington/Alaska Regional Medical Program, Virginia Mason Research Center and as Geriatric Nurse Consultant, Senior Centers, Inc., both in Seattle, Washington.


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