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2020 Reviewers

Each individual listed has donated time, effort, and thought toward reviewing manuscripts written by his or her colleagues. This is a labor of personal and academic dedication, as reviewers receive no pay or recognition for their efforts—except this simple listing for reviews submitted in 2020. The peer review process is an essential element in the veracity of articles published in The Journal of Continuing Education in Nursing, an element that cannot be avoided, truncated, or subverted. Much more than that, however, are the helpful comments reviewers make to assist authors in rewriting their manuscripts. Please note our top 10 reviewers for the past year are indicated in the list with an asterisk. These reviewers are recognized for the quantity, quality, and timeliness of reviews they provide.

Deputy Editor

  • Debra Hagler

    Editorial Advisory Board
  • Patricia Allen

  • Myrna Armstrong*

  • W. Dean Care

  • Lynore DeSilets

  • Bette Case Di Leonardi*

  • Cheryl Christ-Libertin

  • Pamela Dickerson

  • Jennifer Embree

  • Barbara Lubejko*

  • Mary Beth Mathews

  • Kristi Menix*

  • Patricia Messmer

  • Mary Schubert*

  • Roy Simpson

  • Karran Thorpe

Special Consultants

  • Suzanne Johnson*

  • Barbara Petrie

Research and Statistics

  • Joan Such Lockhart*

  • Janet O'Brien

Associate Editors

Administrative Angles

  • Jennifer Graebe

  • Jean Shinners

Leadership and Development

  • Michael Bleich

  • Jan Jones-Schenk

Teaching Tips

  • Diane Billings

  • Karren Kowalski

Review Panel

  • Gerry Altmiller

  • Kristi Anderson

  • Jan Buhmann

  • Serena Bumpus

  • Cynthia Cappel

  • Laura Caramanica

  • Cory Church

  • John Cook

  • Sheri Cosme

  • Marie Driever*

  • Jessica Dzubak

  • Laura Fennimore

  • Lisa Guthrie*

  • Sara Horton-Deutsch

  • Edna Hull*

  • LeAnn Johnson

  • Mary Louise Kanaskie

  • Mary Koithan

  • Kristine L'Ecuyer

  • Evelyn Lengetti

  • Irene Macyk

  • Cheryl Mallory

  • Manolo Moneda

  • Marthe Moseley

  • Joy Parchment

  • Rebecca Riznyk

  • Sheri Ross

  • Harriet Seigel

  • Sallie Shipman

  • Laura Thomas

  • Shelley Watters

  • Daniel Weberg

  • Kathleen Williamson

  • Margarete Zalon



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