The Journal of Continuing Education in Nursing

Continuing Education Update -from ANA

The Council on Continuing Education created by action of ANA's board now has an Interim Executive Committee. Appointed by the Commission on Nursing Education as chairman are:

Signe Skott Cooper, R.N.

Professor of Nursing

Department of Nursing

Health Sciences Unit

University of Wisconsin-Extension


Helen Denne Schulte, Professor

School of Nursing

University of Wisconsin-Madison

Other members appointed are:

Katharine A. Lembright, R.N.

Assistant Director

Department of Medical Education]

American Heart Association

Cloace F. McGill

Assistant Professor and Continuing Education Coordinator

Clinical Nursing School

The University of Texas (SystemWide) at San Antonio

Elda S. Popiel, R.N.

Professor of Nursing

Assistant Dean for Continuing Education Services

University of Colorado School of Nursing, Denver

Helen M. Tobin, R.N.

Director of Centralized Staff Development Program

University Hospitals of Cleveland

Case-Western Reserve University

Cleveland, Ohio

The committee convened at the Kansas City headquarters of ANA on March 8 and 9, 1973. Following the first meeting Mrs. Cooper said, "The establishment of the Council at this time is particularly significant since developments in continuing education are moving so rapidiy. We are encouraging providers of continuing education to join the Council and to identify their concerns and needs to the interim executive committee."

In separate action, two ad hoc committees were formed. One will review and revise the Interim Statement on Continuing Education in Nursing. (See JCEN, Vol. 3, No. 6, November-December 1972.) There has been a good response from the membership and more is encouraged. Questions raised and recommendations submitted concerning the statement will be considered as a basis for revision.

The second committee will address itself to accreditation of continuing education programs with the ultimate goal of drafting recommendations for a system of accreditation.

Membership in the Council which will meet for the first time at the 1974 ANA convention now exceeds 200. Dues for the calendar year are $25.00.

Marcia Dake, R. N., Ph.D., who greeted the National Conference on Continuing Education in Nursing at Aspen, is providing staff support to the Interim Committee. Dr. Dake is Director of ANA's Department of Nursing Education.

The critical staff position of Coordinator of Continuing Education at ANA remains vacant. Applications are being received and reviewed.

Audrey F. Spector who made history as the first coordinator is now Director of Projects in Nursing Education for the Southern Regional Education Board.


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