Editorial Policy and Philosophy

Article intention: Articles are intended for informational purposes only and should not be used as the basis of patient treatment. All opinions expressed by authors and quoted sources are their own and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the editors, publishers or editorial boards of SLACK Incorporated. The acceptance of advertising in no way implies endorsement by the editors, publishers or editorial boards of SLACK Incorporated.

Article review process: All articles in Healio Rheumatology are reviewed by the study’s researchers, with additional guidance provided by the publication’s Peer Perspective board, an editorial advisory committee comprised of board-certified gastroenterologists and other medical professionals who work in the study of Rheumatology. All staff-written news reports are sent to quoted sources for verification of medial accuracy prior to publication. Letters and other unsolicited material are assumed to be intended for publication and are subject to review and editing. Unsolicited physician-written and other expert-written original articles are encouraged but also are subject to the editorial process.

Because Healio Rheumatology reports on emerging technologies, techniques and medical therapies, some reports may discuss drug and device applications that either are not approved by the appropriate regulatory body and/or the Food and Drug Administration or are not considered to be within the standard practice of medicine. In lieu of placing a trademark symbol at each occurrence of a trademark name, we acknowledge here that the omission is due to the editorial nature of the publication and with no intention of trademark infringement.

Dateline policy: In the interest of accountability and transparency in its reporting practices, Healio Rheumatology includes datelines with articles only if the reporter attended the presentation of the information on which they reported. As a prerequisite for publication, all authors and quoted sources are asked to disclose fully and specifically any direct financial interest in products mentioned in articles, as well as their status as paid consultants or employees for any companies mentioned.

Contact any Peer Perspective board member at Healio Rheumatology, 6900 Grove Rd., Thorofare, NJ 08086; 856-848-1000 or 800-257-8290, fax: 856-853-5991, e-mail: Rheumatology@healio.com.


Though the Rheumatology web site is supported by advertising, its acceptance of advertising in no way implies endorsement by the editors, publisher or editorial boards. All advertisements appearing on the Healio Rheumatology web site are placed in fixed positions that are predetermined. The positioning of advertisements is not related to editorial content or known in advance of an article's publication; any appearance otherwise is simply coincidence.

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